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Major Mom® Success Stories...
You guys really know what you are doing.
Former All-Pro Broncos Player
Denver, Colorado
Thank you Angela and Amanda for cleaning out and organizing my 3 car garage! It's great to once again see floors that were buried under clutter. Donating all the things I was hoarding was a blessing to me and to those who needed them. I thank God for you and your organizational skills.
Please give a very special thanks to Amanda. She not only helped to clean out and organize my garage; she also labeled and organized my shelves and storage containers! Amanda, it's refreshing to know there's a place for everything. You definitely have organizing in your genes. In addition, you are a gem to work with.
Major Moms, thank you for your passion for organizing! May God bless you as you restore divine order to our homes.
Barbara S.
School Teacher and Empty Nester
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
I'm thinking of Major Mom today especially because I need to answer a ton of attorney's questions and I don't feel too overwhelmed by it because all those medical papers are now in order. What perfect timing! The man-cave is really coming along - you'd be amazed.
Again, thanks so much for helping me get back to being organized. It means so much to me!!!
Parker, Colorado
Thank you for getting me massively organized and staying on task with me. You're wonderful! I appreciate you very much.
Mark T.
Remax Realtor
Lone Tree, Colorado
Wendy was so wonderful at helping me organize my home office and set up a system that allows me to work efficiently at home. My husband also uses the same office, and it is also our personal filing space as well. Wendy knew how to separate the area to allow us to use the personal space for family things, and the work space for our businesses as well. In addition, she helped us to organize our bedroom closets, donating all unused items, and clearing the way for important items to be found easily. She was a huge help to our family! We have found that we have a "bigger" home than we thought we did! Thank you!"
Lisa Littero-Thompson
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Thanks for ALL you have done (and will do!) for us. You have done wonders for my business. The system is working out great. You are a first class organizer and mom!
Connie Stevinson
President, Trading 4 Treasures
Aurora, Colorado
Thank you so much for the Jump Start in Leaps And Bounds!
Hubby now knows I had help and is cool with it. We both enjoy the sparsity of the bedroom and he is on board to create that all over by purging. We are going to combine media centers as he gives away most of his CD collection (he has been wanting to do that because he has most in mp3 formats).
I appreciate the kind and caring manner Mandy tackled the 1:1 client conversation over a bedfull of miscellaneous, multi-purpose, multiple category clutter. What was most useful was that she took the items to their assigned rooms rather than handing them to me. They all hold energy, and my not touching them directly helped my objectivity in the decision process.
I appreciate Courtney's sharing her personal experience with multiple crafts and handling them all in a single space. I was drawn to her enthusiasm and shared passion for cool stuff and finding functional places for that cool stuff.
Courtney also provided guidance and encouragement for my parallel progress in another room while the team focused on the priority floor plan. Yay!
I appreciate Gae's practical eye and discovering the best way to move volumes of stuff quickly and safely. Every time I looked, she was magically clearing yet another space to acheive visual progress as well as functional progress.
Thank you Again!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sue Uyetake
Colorado Working Mom & Wife
Dear Major Mom,
I wanted to thank your company and especially Sam Quigley of Major Mom. She showed up and got right to work! Before I knew it, I had a three car garage again! Before, I couldn't park one car in there! I didn't realize the organizer would be so hands on, but Sam moved things around that I could never have moved by myself. She offered advice on where to donate and told me who would be willing to come and haul away all the junk!
This has been a very freeing experience and I can't wait to have her come back to help me with all my other clutter! Thanks again.
A very satisfied customer,
Kristi Geonetta
Denver, Colorado

Thank you! I appreciate all of your hard work!!!!!!
Dana Hall
Castle Pines, Colorado

Dear Angela and Major Mom team!! I must say I never thought this garage could ever look like this again!! It would have taken me 10 times longer if I didn't have your help and support. You were amazing. You kept me stationed in one location and brought me one box at a time to go through. This system allowed me enough time to go through everything in easily half the time it would normally have taken. Your advice helped me decide to put about half of the things in the garage sale. My life feels so good having less to move around. Also - thanks to you I moved the things I kept into a "pod" that you organized for me. This was a stoke of genius when (at last minute ) I made the decision to move to California (where my children are ) instead of another location in Colorado. The " Pod " is in storage now and will be delivered to California once I decide where in California I will be living. I just cannot thank you enough. Your worth your money and then some. You were non-judgemental, up-beat, always smiling and positive. This was an incredibly difficult project that became a joy to do thanks to you. I cannot say enough good things. Your a gift to all in despair. Thank you very much again and again!!!!
Loi Ritcher
Downsizing Empty Nester
Parker, Colorado
What we like most about Major Mom is their commitment to their client. We felt like they truly had our best interests at heart. And they did what they said by completing our corporate organizing project on time and on budget. Our guests have noticed a difference in the way our shop looks and our effectiveness has significantly improved because we know where everything is. Plus, they made the process easy for us.
Bill Chrismer
Owner, Gentleman's Quarter
Denver, CO

Thank you! We will stay in touch for further help as needed. Your team did a great job. We never could have done it alone, especially because of your professionalism, systems and also because of your energy and initiative. All this is what is needed to simply get going and clean up and organize the house and office. It is incredible to find out how much gets accumulated over time. I now feel I not only have more space everywhere, but also I can breathe better. Thank you.
Alvaro Pisoni
Spirit of Places, Ltd.
Parker, CO
"It took the Major Mom crew one day to do what I couldn't have done in a month. I am more organized than ever before and better yet I am motivated to do the rest of my house."
Natalie Tysdal, FOX 31
Denver, Colorado
Wendy, what an amazing organizing experience! My life has changed. The time you spent was so valuable. I couldn't be happier! Everything is in its place, is easy to keep up and looks fabulous! Thank you so much…will refer you to everyone!
Diane Marihew
Coldwell Banker
You and your team have been an answer to prayer! Our family couldn't "see" how to re-purpose and reclaim some spaces in our home.
Mandy was gracious and kind when she came to look and our home and the dilemmas we were facing. She brought in the team and we were presented with ideas and solutions that were absolutely PERFECT for the workings of our family.
In just over a day - your team guided, prodded, directed AND worked HARD, and we transformed FIVE rooms in our home. We look forward to tackling some other areas...like the garage and the storage room now that we know how DOABLE it is - with your help!
Thank you again. Your team's passion and "calling" are evident.
Pamela Meyer
Cetennial, Colorado
"Major Mom saved my career, my family and my sanity. I was drowning in my disorganized office, and could not produce the work I wanted because I was so inefficient. My home has always been neat and clean on the surface, but one look in the drawers, cabinets and closets would horrify anyone. I had no sense of organization, and did not know where to begin. My kids' homework, coats, bags, sports equipment, mittens, hats and boots were shoved wherever there was room. Major Mom came in to my home, assessed each room, created a plan, and came back with a team to tackle it. The transformation is INCREDIBLE and they taught me so much. My home has been neat and clean, inside and out, ever since. The system they put in place is priceless and my family could not be more efficient or organized. I am thrilled!!"
Maura T. Ridder
Host/Producer, Mom's The Word Radio Show
Castle Pines, Colorado

"Mandy, Thanks again for all of your help with my new office. I love it and so far it is working out great and staying neat! I really appreciate your help! You actually inspired me to set up some very organized systems in other areas of the house. Thanks again!"
Katie Ricketts
Denver, CO

"I've always had a messy desk. Major Mom doesn't just clean up - I was surprised at how much more thorough the process was than I had expected. My organizer helped me organize 5 years worth of paperwork in just a couple of days. Organizing my office actually helped me organize my business life."
Anthony Sanchez, Owner, Marketing Visioneer
Parker, Colorado
"Angela and her Major Mom team are PHENOMENAL! They made the drudgery of organizing a true pleasure. They had unbelievable organization, a bright positive attitude, and the energy of 10 people. Truly - it was better than a weekend at a spa! It feels so great to be organized - a big weight off my shoulders (as I'm about to have another baby)! I cannot recommend them highly enough, and will use them again FOR SURE!"
Telluride, Colorado
I have always thought of myself as an organized person. When I heard about Major Moms at my school and applied the process to organizing my office and it worked. I realized I could use help at home.
Every summer I plan to "clean-up" our storage area. I realized that I never did it because I did not have a plan, know were to start, and felt overwhelmed. Consequently it did not get done.
I decided to hire Major Moms to help. After meeting with our consultant, Mandy, I realized we could make a difference in our house. Mandy took pictures of our storage area so she could make a plan.
On the day of our "organizing," Mandy worked for seven hours at my house. We organized the entire storage area, our pantry, and our garage. There is no way I could have done this without her. Mandy told me what to get ahead of time and I was prepared to work. She had wonderful ideas and was very thoughtful in her approach. Mandy saw things that I did not see and helped me think through what to get rid of and what to keep. She actually helped me sort and organize my Christmas decorations! Mandy took all the discards with her. Once we were done organizing, Mandy labeled all the storage bins and shelves so I will know where things should be stored. I could not have done this without her advice and counsel.
I recommend Major Moms to anyone who wants an organized home. It works!
Karen Tarbell, Principal, Cimarron Middle School
Larkspur, Colorado
Dear Major Mom,
We are so grateful to have met you. Thank you for all that you are doing for us and teaching us, but most of all thank you for giving us our sanity back (whether we realized it was missing or not). Thank you!
Denver, Colorado
"Angela of Major Mom helped us go from chaos (and lost papers) to calm with our Command and Communication Center. Her outsider's perspective helped me get "unstuck" and look at our spaces and communication methods in a whole new way. Getting the entire family's buy-in was essential and was a brilliant idea that has made all the difference in keeping our system functioning."
Courtney M., Mother of Four
Denver, Colorado
"The process was professional, yet tailored to my style, and FUN! The results are amazingly tangible. My living and work areas are finally the joyful place I want them to be. Major Mom saved my sanity, eliminated the emotional burdens of clutter and taught me the practical guidelines to best organize my environment for life."
Barry Price, BPriceless, LLC
"As a busy business owner working from a home-based office and as a mom of 4, people always tell me how organized I am. However, I do not feel organized. After all people were not looking in my closets, storage room or at how my business functioned from a process standpoint.
Major mom came to my house and identified my most critical areas which were my closet, my office, my book shelves and my storage rooms. Then we set aside about 6 hours and worked together to sort and organize part of my stuff. At the end of the day, my donate pile was much larger than I anticipated and deciding to part with my stuff was easy with Major Mom's help and support.
After our first organizing day, I am organized, clean and it has been so nice to find what I need in a moment's notice. I will hire Major Mom for more projects and highly recommend her to others. What I have noticed most is how the vacuum principle has worked in my life in a matter of days. Getting rid of stuff has opened the possibility for new things to come in. In a matter of days, I was gifted things that I could have only imagined and I was offered and secured a brand new business deal worth $7K.
Call Major Mom now and the payoff will be huge!"
Michele Reynolds,Founder of Access365.com
"Major Mom has made me very happy. My clothes closet had been bothering me for many years and I really was not sure what to do about it. Major Mom came in, did a thorough evaluation of my needs, created a plan and we implemented it that day! My organizer helped me reconfigure the closet and move furniture out to my shed. She gave me advice about decorating and future projects. My home is more peaceful and has a 'woman's touch.' She took away all my donations so I would not have to deal with them. Having her help has been priceless. Their fees are so reasonable--Major Mom charged me a few hundred versus a few thousand!"
Richard Pendelton
"Angela is a valued mediator and planner assisting our family in building a co-operative/collaborative model. She has the ability to tap into the individual heartbeat of our family and each one of our individual members to identify the apparent weaknesses and draw out each of our strengths. What is resulting is the ability to build a strong, cohesive, synergistic base within our family unit to enabling us to reconstruct, live more fuller lives and positively impact the world around us."
Canada (Virtual Organizing Client)
I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even embarrassed because of the way my house looked. I am a single mom with a teenage daughter, a crazy-hectic schedule between the two of us, and difficult-to-use, 820 square feet of townhouse that just didn't feel big enough. I chose to call Major Mom because I was done. Years ago, I could stay up all night in a cleaning frenzy and get things looking quite nice. But now that just isn't the case. I would think about a list, and even write one, to try to get myself cleaning. However, it just wasn't working anymore. I had all the intentions, but as soon as I would look in a room or at a counter I lost all my willpower. It took a lot of humility for me to admit that I needed professional help, but I'm so thankful that I finally did. I know now more than ever that God gives each person a different gift on purpose. My gift is teaching. Mandy's gift is organizing. Mandy didn't help me clean, she helped me organize in a way that cleaning isn't so scary and overwhelming anymore. In our initial walk through, she was very good to assess the way that ADD makes it difficult for my daughter and I to organize and keep going. Throughout the process, Mandy was able to see when I was getting overwhelmed and panicky before I even realized it myself. Additionally, as a single mother, I am on a tight budget. Mandy was awesome in finding ways to help me organize that were low-cost, including a steal-of-a-deal she helped me find on Craig's List. If I had it do again, the only thing I would change is that I would have called Major Mom for help earlier. Words just cannot express how thankful I am for the help, and also the patience that Mandy provided me. God blessed you with a wonderful gift.
Arvada, Colorado

"Angela helped me organize my office/writing room. In doing so, she made a space for my art and craft supplies. I'd never seen them all in one place and had never acknowledged that part of my creativity. By creating space for the tools, Angela helped create a space for my creativity, for me to claim the artist in me. I have since been drawing and creating collages and adding to my very well-organized tools. Angela is efficient, demanding (in a good way), intuitive and a true pleasure to work with."
Carol McAnally, Owner, Rhythm of Life and author of e-rhythms: Weekly Tips for Conscious Living.
Denver Metro
"From the first introductory meeting to the thorough follow-up after the organizing time, Major Mom was professional and easy to work with. The plan that Major Mom created after our first meeting fit me like a glove. I am very visual and have an infinity for sports and competition. Angela and her crew transformed my office environment to be fun and visually stimulating. I even have a system for my paper flow that utilizes baseball. This system has made an unbelievable difference for me and my work! I would have never imagined this was possible. Major Mom organizers know all the tricks, and I now know there is a lot to being an expert in the organizing industry. I highly recommend Major Mom for any home situation, a home-based office or even the small business office environment. They will customize the plan and execution around your needs as a client. They bring order and remove chaos or clutter. Give them a call for a meeting if you are reading this. You won't be sorry. The pay-back afterwards will speak for itself, and you will wish you had called sooner. Good luck to Major Mom as they go national with this incredible process!"
David Gardner, ADD air Sales & Marketing Agency
Greenwood Village, Colorado
"You ministered to us, today, Angela. You are extraordinary. You are the best. I swear I smile every time I think of you. I will get on my homework! Thank you!"
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did at rearranging and reorganizing our little part of the world! It is so peaceful to have less stuff in our lives! It truly was like a weight lifting off of us as we sold all the extra items at our garage sale following the organizational process! By the way we made back most of the money we invested in the organizing in the first place!! What an incredible blessing to have our neat organized home, peace of mind and most of our investment returned to us!
Tim feels energized by the way his home work office turned out. He felt totally overwhelmed by the mountains of paper! The amount that was left after you were done was remarkable! It was significantly reduced and organized into very precise areas. Also the way you divided the office between the personal and the business was genius! Now we can find all our personal info when we need to. The idea you had to permanently move one of his two desks out of the office made the area feel twice as big and with the paper work greatly reduced he doesn't miss the other desk at all! Tim is now enjoying the nice open clutter free environment and feeling more in control when he's working from home.
Emma's bedroom and playroom were a huge project with all the little things that 8 year old girls tend to accumulate! That was a lot of work but I was very surprised at how willingly she got rid of many things! I am blown away with how neatly she is keeping her bedroom and play room now! When she has friends over to play she is the one who is making sure that they put everything back in it's designated place! Wow! She obviously is a lot tidier than I originally thought! Isn't that good news?!
In the beginning you asked me what my main goal was in organizing my home. I answered that I wanted to be able to know exactly where every little thing was. Well, guess what? I do now! Do you know how good that feels? After years of digging for things when I couldn't remember where they had been stored, it feels fantastic to have control over my home again and know exactly where every little thing is!
I believe that this whole process has unlocked something deep within me. I recently accepted a new work position after being at home with my daughter for many years. Getting my house under control seems to have given me the confidence to believe I can conquer other difficult areas in my life. I never would have expected that bonus just from organizing my home!
So thank you for all the hard work you did to make my home a neat, clean and clutter free zone where me and my family now find great peace and rest!"
Nancy Cassity
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
"I was feeling very overwhelmed and unmotivated because I was so unorganized. My office/craft/guest room had become what I called the "Junk-collector" room. I felt inundated with papers and my "to be shredded" pile. I couldn't get into my spare closet without things falling on me. I had no idea where to start and I felt it taking over my life. I even forgot to pay my taxes! I am very organized at work, but parts of my home are the opposite. Because I didn't know where to start, I just did nothing. I chose to call Dayna Rae at Major Mom because I am in the process of buying a house and I didn't want to move all the junk again. I had a garage full of stuff I had moved 2 or 3 times and not even ever opened the boxes! I wanted to be ready and organized before my next move, plus now my current house feels like a home again! I love that now I can work in my office without feeling like I should be shredding or sorting something instead. I can sit at my desk and actually see it, and not be embarrassed for my friends to stay over in the room. I love how Dayna Rae put everything in containers with labels- even the little things! And she was able to use some vintage boxes that had meaning to me that previously gone unused. It was a great way to recycle and re-purpose them in a fashionable way! And yesterday, it was so easy to find a gift and card for a birthday presentin my "gift" area, without one thing falling on my head in the closet! It felt good giving so much away to people who need it more than I do, and I've even made some cash from selling things that have been on my to-do list forever! Working with Dayna Rae has inspired me to clean out other areas of my home and life as well! I am sleeping better and getting things done for the first time in quite awhile! Thanks Major Mom!"
Tiffany Yelverton
Long Beach, CA

"Our family has found the help that we received from Major Mom invaluable! We previously went through a very thorough decluttering in our home however, because our habits and ideas of what would work to keep our home in order didn't support the decluttering, our home quickly returned to what it was. With a lack of order in our home we have found it difficult to be effective in other areas of our life so we have continued to stuggle to find a solution. I was wonderfully surprised with Major Mom's approach. Using a set of questions, she first found out where my family was at, what we liked in our home, didn't like, who was doing alot of the work, and what kind of patterns were the driving factors in our home. She has been thorough and very kind in guiding us step by step to reorganizing first how we accomplish the daily work, in a way that also teaches respect, and then how to deal with the clutter. It has been very encouraging and because of the initial time she spent with our family everybody is happy to be on board with the reconstruction that is taking place here."
Canada (Virtual Organizing Client)
"Major Mom marched in my bedroom and assisted moving a large armoire a few feet and removed a large antique radio out of the bedroom into a guest room. She reorganized my grandkids' playroom and our guest room closet. The results are incredible! Both rooms instantly were transformed into lovely rooms. Angela is a professional, quick thinking, and knows how to make the most of time, energy, and space."
Cindy Gerwatowski
"I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my newly organized home! Your skills and expertise have created a tranquil environment for our entire family. It is amazing how much peace-of-mind I get from the organization as well as the systems you have helped us put into place. My daughters have a place for all of their things when they walk in the door thanks to your suggestions. No longer does the kitchen island become the dumping ground for all of their homework, jackets, backpacks, etc. They can easily find their homework assignments and they now have a designated place for doing their work.
It is amazing how much it helps to have a place for everything. Now I don't feel so overwhelmed when I get home from the store, I have a specific location for things. I find that I am a lot more likely to put things away now that I have a specific place to for it.
Not only did you help me clean out my closets, pantry, etc., but you also provided me with the systems I need to keep it up. Your advice and wisdom has enabled our family to live a much more peaceful, organized lifestyle. Not only did you help me achieve all of this, but I had a great time doing it!"
Connie Wall
Westminster, Colorado
Professional Organizers Denver Colorado
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