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Major Mom Mission
Restore order and serenity to your home and office so that you experience the joy of living and working in organized and beautifully arranged environments.
Below this video are numerous written testimonials. We have liberated over 700 households.
"After 3 1/2 years of all my things being in a 10' X 26' storage space, I was finally ready to move into an apartment. I called in Major Mom to help me go through my things while still in storage so I could lighten my load, organize before moving, and have a garage sale. Then, the day after I moved into my apartment, Wendy from Major Mom helped me again with unpacking. All of this was tremendous help! I have company staying with me in 1 week. I definitely needed help getting things put together as soon as possible, and Wendy from Major Mom did that for me. Thanks again Wendy! Your so patient, kind and helpful. I appreciate you!"
Loi R.
Highlands Ranch
Interior Designer
"It has been almost a year since I worked with Major Mom to start my organization process. My experience made a HUGE difference in my life. Getting organized helped to free my mind from the anxiety of the chaos. Additionally this helped me to become more focused at in all parts of my life. The decreased anxiety has allowed me to become healthier mentally and physically. I have lost 45+ pounds over the last year and I accredit that to not feeling the stress of physical chaos in my life anymore. I tell people about your company all the time and let them know that it was a life changing experience for me. I can't thank you and your team enough for the power you helped me realize in myself."
J. Lawson
Aurora, CO
"I have never been so overwhelmed as my recent move, attempted while my wife was overseas. A brand new, pristine but empty house, and then 150 boxes showed up. It took me a hour to unpack the first one (dishes). The size of the effort in front of me was huge. My wife described my mood as 'frazzled'. She arranged for Major Mom, and Victoria and crew showed up the next day. I went to work with a house that scared me, and came home to peace. The transformation was amazing, and the stress relief was greater than I ever expected. Best money I ever spent on a move."
Patrick H
Erie, CO
IT Architect
"Major Mom was a life saver! I couldn't have gotten ready for this move in ANY amount of time without them! And Tricia Turner was completely and utterly amazing! She and her Liberators got through massive numbers of boxes of junk and papers mixed with treasures tumbled into boxes that we'd been carting around with us for ages. Major Mom's assistance in downsizing our upcoming move by going through those myriad boxes and separating out what was to be shredded from what was to be trashed from what was to be kept and organizing the latter so that all the memorabilia was together and all of the other kinds of items were together was absolutely invaluable! It allowed me to quickly identify what I most wanted to protect so that I could take that to a storage unit or set it aside to go in my car instead of going on the moving van. I couldn't have done this move on schedule without them! A twenty-one gun salute for Major Mom and her Liberators!!!"
Laurie J Decker
Parker, Colorado
Frazzled Relocatee
"I chose Major Mom because it was the most professional of all the organizers I called. I have become ill and disabled and became overwhelmed with all the bags of papers that had accumulated while I was ill. I was absolutely thrilled, grateful, and thankful for the superior help Christina Morton and her two cohorts gave me. Christina was more than understanding about my bouts of illness and the need to reschedule some appointments. In addition, she really understood and listened to me about what would work for me. She really set up a system that I believe will work and knowing I can call her with questions means a lot. I have actually felt better physically as all that disorder is no longer here and the cloud that was there every time I opened the closet has lifted. Christina is a real gem and I would not hesitate to recommend Major Mom to anyone! Even my MBA son said, 'They do good work, Mom!'"
Ronni Weinstein
Social Worker, Retired

"I was so happy and impressed with Wendy from the time she walked in the door. She was a pleasure to work with and did an unbelievable job! As a Christmas gift, my son paid for the organizing of my kitchen, office and laundry room. I was so happy with the outcome, that I hired her to do my walk in closet! I highly recommend Major Mom!"
Sandy Skiba
Evergreen, Co
"WOW - what a day. Had 4 Major Mom liberators out today and wow, wow, wow. You owe it to yourself to at least get a consultation with them. Amazing. My house has been decluttered and all my donations taken to the Salvation Army. We even gave away several things on Craig's List - they took the photos, posted it, took the phone calls and people showed up and took the stuff. If you are looking around your area right now and see things that you would like to function better, please contact them now. BETTER than a house cleaner!!
AND the boys had fun. They helped the liberators do anything they were asked to do (yes, moms, it's better when someone else tells them) and they are excited about this NEW home we are in. Yes, teenage boys excited about having a de-cluttered home.
Okay - you get the picture, right? Call them today. The FREE consultation will be well worth your time."
Tara Joy Benson
"Joanna has been wonderful through both reorganizations she's helped me with. She helped me clean out my closet and bedroom...it is now the sanctuary that I've always wanted and I even sleep with the closet doors open because it is no longer a scary place. My loft, hall closet, and laundry area have also been reorganized to perfection. When Joanna and Christina came to help me with those areas I was so overwhelmed by the clutter in my loft that I didn't want to be up there ever. Now, I love coming up, and working at my desk. I cried, the transformation has been so wonderful. Thanks again!"
Kelli Davis
United States
Happy Condo Princess
"Linda and Ange did an amazing job. They were fast and efficient and before I knew it the basement had been unpacked and organized! I would absolutely work with Major Mom again in the future!"
Jessica W.
Castle Pines
Staffing Consultant and Mom of 2
"Both ladies were attentive, pleasant, efficient and literally transformed my moving-in experience. I would most definitely use them again. WOW!"
Happy Client
"We moved here from a much lower altitude.The thought of going up and down stairs 500 times was overwhelming. Our team of 2 were truly amazing. In 2 days they had over 200 boxes unpacked for us. Unpacking probably would have taken us months. We can't thank them enough."
Fred & Nancy W.
Colorado Springs, CO
"Major Mom did an absolute overhaul to make my home office setup productive. I continue to bring them in for 2 hour tune-ups and every time I do, I learn something to increase my productivity. The investment of time and money ALWAYS pays dividends."
Merit Gest
President, Merit-Based Sales Development, Inc.
"Awesome service, don't organize or pack without Major Mom! Huge stress relief. So professional, nice, efficient, and effective. Great experience."
Happy Client
Cherry Hills Village, CO

"My name is David, I’m a doctoral candidate for Industrial-Organizational Psychology and current hold a BSB and Masters in management. I mention this not to brag, but to put more weight behind my praise for Cathy Thompson. I truly believe the most important part of any service company is its front-line employees, and Cathy represents her company better than anyone I’ve met. It’s obvious Major Moms is a well-run organization with solid values. Two things stand out most about Cathy; her ability to make my home tangibly more positive, and keeping this entire process dialectical. Cathy visits every other week, and I am always touched that she wants to know what I want. She doesn’t just care about organizing, she cares about organizing my home, with me in mind as the end user. As for the nuts and bolts, the level at which she organizes my home is far above what I was expecting. I am amazed at this company, and it must be reiterated that my only contact has been with Cathy (and another liberator briefly during the first appointment). I am a loyal customer for life; but it is solely due to the work of Cathy Thompson."
D.G. O'Brien
Colorado Springs
"This email is to express my "five star rating" for the service I received from Major Mom last year, when I moved into my new home. Tricia, Wendy and Shelley were my Major Mom crew members. Tricia unpacked and put-away my kitchen without me, when I was called away for a family emergency. She did a wonderful job! I could never have organized so effectively, with such good use of space. It is a pleasure to open the cabinets and enjoy the way my kitchen presents, inside and out! The best part is it was done when I returned home.
"Wendy and Shelley worked side-by-side with me on sorting, unpacking and arranging the rest of my home. They worked so hard, and with such enthusiasm. It was such a joy to work with them. I relied on them for to organize my bathrooms, living room shelves and cabinets, unpack my dresser, arrange items, and the huge job - my basement! They were amazing! They brought such expertise to the work that I could relax I didn't have to do the thinking and organizing. They did it for me. I highly recommend all three of these crew members, and I thank them so much for the work they did for me. It is great to be able to come home and enjoy my new home instead of being faced for weeks with a mountain of boxes. I miss the crew and can't wait to work with them again."
Jeanette Meyer
Ft. Collins, CO
"Linda and Tricia did an AWESOME job today organizing/cleaning out my basement. They were quick, thorough and fun to work with. I was in disbelief at the progress they made. Thank you!"
Happy Client
"Linda has rescued me once again... I can walk into my office, for instance, and know where everything is stored immediately. I could not have made it through the past two years without her fantastic help. Linda is always enthusiastic, efficient, has a great sense of humor with me, and I don't know how she does it!"
Happy Client
"Our Liberator, Tricia Turner, was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I never felt judged and she helped make sense of my clutter. she answered long time organizing dilemmas of mine without skipping a beat. Tricia went above and beyond her call of duty to make certain we were satisfied. Major Mom takes organization from overwhelming to exciting. Thanks again to Tricia!"
Maureen M., Stay-at-home Mom
Littleton, CO
"Major Mom saved my sanity. I had no idea how to EVEN start making sense of my downstairs nightmare. It held a "path" to my laundry room, and so much "stuff." Major Mom took control and had it visitable by the end of the day. The difference was incredibly remarkable!
I don't know whether to go off on how well they worked, what an impossible job they did, or their prfessionalism! I am in awe and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
They did more than I thought possible. The transformation is truly amazing and makes me feel like I have my beloved sanctuary back. I cannot say enough good things about the Liberators.
My daughter found Major Mom for me. I had no idea that such a thing was possible. They are on BBB and Angie's List. Thank you for all you did for me. I truly believe that you did save my sanity!"
Clarice Gilchist
Green Mountain Falls, CO
"It is such a relief to be freed from a messy closet. Cathy helped strategize ways I could keep things looking neat. She works at the pace of the client."
Catherine Kane
Colorado Springs, CO

"Wendy & Victoria were very pleasant. They worked extremely fast and efficient. I am so happy with my new space and will probably have them come back to do more rooms!"
Julia Taylor, Finance/Executive
Denver, CO

"I couldn't have managed without Cathy "gently" urging me on. Her talents are many, but organizing is on the top of her list. She was prompt to all of her appointments, but most of all, tries to work hard to work with each person individually. God knows each client is so different!"
Pat Lysinger
Retired Actress
Monument, CO

"I'm writing after spending 7+ hours with Wendy Ahrens in my home helping me unpack, organize, and find some peace in my crazy down-sized space. From the second Wendy came over to do an estimate I felt like she was going to take good care of me. I can't say enough about what a HUGE HELP she was for me. I had been living with boxes up the ceiling for a month and didn't know where to start. She guided me through and I finally feel at home. She's so sweet, considerate, calming, and has a big loving heart to help people. I think one thing that stuck out was how she talked about "loving her job". You can really tell because she shined bright while helping me and I appreciated her demeanor and creativity! Thanks Wendy and Major Mom for getting me past this plateau. Couldn't be happier I invested in this service and feel lucky I got to work with Wendy. She's a breath of fresh air and a life saver."
Denver, CO
Health Coach

"I can't say enough about how impressed my wife and I were with Tricia and Joanna today. Wow! They worked miracles - and they worked very, very hard. Thank you so much."
"I have been living in total chaos for three years since I packed up and moved, losing half my square footage. After my time with Wendy I have found peace again in my home. I know what my next steps are, how to maintain the organization and how not to get so overwhelmed again."
Denver, CO
"Cathy helped clean out and organize closets and storage areas in our basement. I never could have done the job by myself! She has a system and is very organized. She helped me stay on track. She filled her van twice with donations to Goodwill. Will definitely have her back again."
Julie K., Retired
Colorado Springs, CO
"Wendy the Wonderful". Her kindness, professionalism and skills in organization were a gift! I loved how she gently stopped me to stay on task when my ADD kicked in! She helped me with visual tools for filing, for my android phone and my email. I was most impressed with her skills in setting up a system so I can be more productive! Thank you!".
Beth Frederick
Highlands Ranch, CO
"Wendy is awesome at her job. She helped me with my basement that seemed like an unsurmountable job. Now it is totally organized and I feel a great weight lifted!! She is a hard non-stop worker and so professional."
Karen J. Freeman, Nurse
Littleton, CO

"Thank you! The best money I ever spent! Well worth it! Excellence!"
Robin R., Mom of Stressed Out Student
Boulder, CO
"We live in a small apartment and are getting ready for a new baby. Major Mom was a great fit for us because we have to make every area in our house count. There were some very helpful tips that I was able to walk away with and apply to any area of the house. So the impact of her visit will go far beyond what we were able to accomplish in just a few hours."
Colorado Springs, CO
"It's so overwhelming to try to put things away or clean up when you let things get out of control for so long. Major Mom comes in and immediately sees what needs to be done. I don't have to think about it and get overwhelmed anymore; they just tell you what to do. That's what I like about Major Mom! When it's done, I just have to maintain. It's great!"
"Wendy Ahrens was amazing to work with!! She was patient and encouraging as we progressed. I called Major Mom/Wendy because I knew I wouldn't make the progress I needed without help. Wendy had great tips and awesome ideas on how to maximize the space. I would definitely hire her again!"
Holly Mullins, Owner, Farmers Insurance - Mullins Agency
"Mom's house was in chaos, so full with furniture in addition to unsold paintings (mom is an artist). It had to be cleared and re-organized for an estate sale. Major Mom did a fantastic job! They re-organized the entire house in an amazing fashion and now it is ready for the sale. I highly recommend them."
E.B., Retired
Denver, CO
"We were so frustrated with the amount of stuff we had accumulated, but our liberators cut right through the clutter, sorted it and guided us through deciding what to do with everything. Thanks!"
Jonathan C.
Loveland, CO
"I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and sad because I simply did not know where to begin with de-cluttering my home. I chose to call Major Mom because the company "magically" appeared on my Facebook page at a time when I was feeling especially sad and stuck. The thing I learned is that I can do this, that I can enjoy my home with my boys, and that I can be proud that I had the courage to ask for help."
Jen, Mother of 2
SE Denver, CO
"In 10 years of marriage and three homes, I've never had a functional garage. Even though I *know* how to organize, I didn't have the time or motivation to do it. I called Major Mom to finally get the garage in order, as well as prepare the basement for a complete demo and remodel. Angela and her team helped me think through the steps of the project strategically, and broke the entire process down into four separate appointments. Having it spaced out into smaller sessions made the tasks very focused and the entire endeavor seem doable. I now know where everything is and our basement remodel is on schedule and underway! It's important to note that I was embarrassed that I needed help; throughout the project, whenever I made a self-deprecating remark about my hoarding, the liberator would always reassure me and acknowledge our progress. No judging! I feel energized, validated and motivated to stay organized, as well as empowered enough to tackle other projects on my own. Thank you, Major Mom!"
JS, Busy Mom and Wife
"I love the word "Liberators!". Tricia and Shelley made me so happy! I didn't know where to start. The storage area made me sick to my stomach. I am selling my home and I had to get through my house. I received guidance but was able to make the final decisions myself. I felt as ease, not foolish. Tricia is very personable. Her suggestions and resources were very helpful. I never regretted anything I let go of. I now go in my storage area just to feel good!"
M. Foster
"Wendy is so outgoing and helpful. Her planning methods are easy to use, learn and implement. I was so overwhelmed but she does everything one step at a time which makes clutter so much more manageable. Great use of time!"
Perri Guzofsky, Student
Denver, CO
"We have a nice home with a reasonable amount of space but it felt terribly cluttered and we had too much stuff. Many of our spaces were awkward or underused. I thought my husband and I would benefit from having a third party who is gentle and objective help with the process of purging, space planning and reorganizing. I was right. I learned that it is useful to have things in categories and stations. I love my kitchen and how easy it is to use a formerly awkward and frustrating space. I adore my previously cluttered (understatement) storage cellar where we were resorting to stacking, piling, and dumping things. Now it is organized and clutter free. I can freely walk down and I know what I am looking for, where it is, and how to easily access it. Thanks Mandy! You helped change the daily flow of our lives for the better!"
C. Harjes
"Cathy helped me to get rid of things I had not seen for more than five years. I am not a good organizer so she helped me so much with that. Also Cathy helped me arrange the furniture and other items in my house so they were more functional for me and I would not be embarrassed to have people over to my house."
Laura, Retired State Employee
Southern Colorado
"The ladies were super efficient and helpful and helped me organize my home office in my newly redone basement. It was great to have a fresh perspective on how to organize everything as I get bogged down overthinking the whole project."
E. Walker
Centennial, CO
" Angela was referred to me by a dear friend. When I called Angela, I thought she was going to help me organize my office files. What I quickly realized was Angela's keen sense of creating balance within my entire town home. She helped me see how my office was a total energy drain and hurting my business. Angela suggested I move my office to a different room. Ever since we made the change, my creativity in my life coaching business and writing has been soaring. Angela is a master at organizing "energy drains of stuff" into a environment that allows you to feel supported so you can really enjoy living and working in your space! I highly recommend you work with Angela so you can start enjoying your space and be more productive today."
Candace French, Founder and President, Center for Intentional Living
Highlands Ranch, CO
"I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by all my clutter and very embarrassed by the way my home looked. I also worried that my husband would not be supportive of the system. The Major Mom Liberators were supportive, not judgmental and very helpful in explaining everything. My husband even came around to trying to establish new habits. I give an A+ and am very happy with their work."
Wayla M., Mother of 2 Young Adults
Westminster, CO
"I had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders the very first meeting/session with Wendy. I was so overwhelmed by the mess that my craft room had turned into. Wendy was great! She helped me turn my past behaviors into a very productive and positive place in my life. Thank you so much!"
Judi Winegar, Jewelry Designer
Evergreen, CO
"My friend gave me a Major Mom package for my birthday, and I was initially worried about how big my mess was! But Wendy helped me to set priorities, then worked alongside me to get not just one, but SIX zones cleaned out and organized! All of the organizers on my team were friendly, courteous, polite, professional, and committed! I feel the freedom thanks to Major Mom!"
S. Zillinger, Special Ed Teacher & Mom
Castle Pines, CO
"I am so thrilled with the hour spent on the phone with Angela! I learned more about organizing our family home environment in that one hour than I could ever have imagined! and coming from me, Project Manager in the professional corporate world, that's saying a lot."
"Wendy did a wonderful job organizing our garage and "man cave" into zones that will make staying organized much easier. I was especially impressed with her "assertiveness" which was helpful without a hint of bossiness."
Busy Mother
Monument, CO
"Tory helped me sort through my storage and decide what to keep/get rid of before my move. After I downsized she helped me organize my kitchen/linen closet. She was great to work with-very nice. She gave good suggestions re: garage storage, closets. I was concerned moving to a smaller home would be a nightmare of clutter but she helped make it attractive and practical - not a nightmare at all!"
Broomfield/Estes Park
"This is the second time I've worked with Major Mom and they never disappoint. Without Tricia nothing would have been done in our living area. They saved our space and my mother's neck (she fell because of how it was laid out) AWESOME!"
Stephanie Meyer, Orthodontic Assistant
Denver, CO
"I was born organizationally challenged. My biggest challenge is paper management, but everything at home was chaotic. I decided to move after my mother died and had to face the chaos. Totally overwhelmed, I called Major Mom. Cathy is amazing. She helped mitigate my my feelings of shame and guilt and made it possible to move from chaos to control".
W. Virdin, Interface Analyst
Colorado Springs, CO
"Tricia and Shelley helped me clear out so much stuff from my kitchen and walk-in closet that it was unbelievable. Those areas were a complete disaster and I was embarrassed if anyone happened to see them. Now the kitchen and closet are clean and organized and life is so much more efficient. The other morning my 8 year old daughter went to the silverware drawer to get a fork and commented, "Wow, I found a fork" when before the drawer was an unorganized hodge podge mess of anything and everything. I'm very glad I met Tricia and Shelley! They were hardworking and professional. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Dawn L. Berry
Littleton, CO
"I chose to call Major Mom because Cathy spoke to my MOPS group about organization and I liked her easy, non-judgemental style for dealing with clutter. My office is usable again and I already feel more productive! Thank you Major Mom!"
Sarah L., Business Owner
Colorado Springs, CO
"I was a 69 year-old widow suffering for 10 years with depression and grief when I hired Wendy. I was desperate for help after four members of my immediate family died. My house was crammed with the personal effects, possessions, collections, projects, paintings, etc. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was very skeptical that I could "hire" anyone who could help me. Well, I found Wendy to be just exactly what I needed! Wendy immediately put me at ease with her friendly, sensitive attitude. It was a very slow process until she helped me learn "to let go". Then I starting finding "treasures" and silly stuff that made me laugh. So the gates were open and away we went. Wendy is strong , efficient and full of energy. She loves what she does! We are into our second year now and I always look forward to being with her. We laugh and work well together. She makes organizing fun. The weight on my shoulders is gone. Because of Wendy's help, I have truly changed my life."
Connie, Retired Widow
Denver, CO
"Major Mom helped us get things out quickly after 13 years of accumulation."
Jack & Janet Ford
Centennial, CO

"My husband and I were both frusterated by the state of our kitchen but didn't know where to start. It was too overwhelming. When I heard Wendy speak at MOPS I knew she could help! She was so calm and helpful that the process was smooth and easy (I was dreading it!) I love the flow of the kitchen and it makes our lives run much more smoothly."
Tracy P., Financial Services
Denver, CO
"What a fantastic job Victoria and Ange did. I was so overwhelmed by all the stuff I had in my basement. Like many other people, I inherited most of it. The ladies jumped in, sorted, threw away, and disposed of what I didn't want. I highly recommend Major Mom and would have them back in a heart beat. A load is off my shoulders and I can now move on. They didn't make me feel stupid, like a hoarder, or an old lady who couldn't take care of herself."
Pat, Retired
Lakewood, CO
"I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because my new husband and I had downsized in our house when moving and together we had accumulated too much stuff. With the help of Tricia and Shelley we were able to knock out the work in one day and now feel a sense of calm when I walk into the house. Thanks for all of your help!"
Denver, CO
"My home office had become a landing spot for everything that didn't have a spot before! But, with 2 people working on 2 businesses plus volunteer coordination, the office space eventually became a source of frustration and an energy zapper of distractions! I couldn't handle it anymore! Major Mom Liberators came in and went through their S.T.E.P.S. strategy-and voila! Moving some pieces, organizing, and wrangling categories of paperwork and we can WALK in the closet, find everything we need, and even sort through categories as we have time. Lots of stuff to Goodwill, and I can't wait to work in the office now!"
Sherie Wren, Business Owner, Mom of 2 Active Boys
Littleton, CO
"Our basement has collected stuff since we moved 4 years ago. We had all sorts of similar stuff grouped together in multiple spaces. Now, with the help of Major Mom, we have herded like items together in project zones which is much more manageable. With a baby on the way, nesting will be so much easier! Yay! Thank you - you're my Peace of Mind Deliverers!"
Amy Welnak, Accountant and Mother
Littleton, CO
"I was feeling completely overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had. I never felt like I could clean the house because I was shoving things everywhere. Major Mom came in and helped me downsize and organize my entire house. They made usable spaces for my 3-year old, my baby, my husband and I AND the kitchen which was a major feat! They had no judgement and maintained happy, positive attitudes the entire time. I'm so happy and excited with my new home!"
Kim G., Superintendent
Granby, Colorado
"I couldn't have done it without Wendy! She was so impressive! Helpful, cheerful, logical, and kept me on point. I was glad to see things leave my garage, never to return! I feel as though I've been reborn! Removing the chaos frees the mind.
Julie Speight, Systems Test Engineer
Littleton, Colorado
"My home has been disorganized and cluttered for so long that I had honestly lost all hope in it ever becoming functional and attractive. I was frustrated and overwhelmed on a daily basis. I was nervous for my AMAZING organizer, Megan, to come over because I was ashamed and embarrassed of all my junk. Megan was completely non-judgmental and very uplifting. Her ideas and actions completely transformed my life--all this and she was so much fun to work with. Purchasing a package with Major Mom and working with Megan was the best decision I've ever made. I am a better wife and mom because of Megan. Writing this testimonial at my new, clean desk feels amazing. If you are considering using Major Mom, I am telling you right now to go for it. You will be so happy that you did! Thank you, thank you, thank you Megan--you are amazing!"
Mom of three & Assoc. Director of Sunday School
Colorado Springs
"When my mother passed on and left me a 6 bedroom, 2 car garage house filled to the brim I knew I needed help. I called Major Mom and told them I had a 'major' project that only Major Mom could help me with. I knew from talking with others that had used this service that they bring in a whole troop of professional organizers. During the entire process everyone was so loving and supporting. They always asked me for my permission on anything and everything that was given away. I am confident that my mother's important memories are preserved and the rest we were able to bless others. In the process I have learned many tools and attitudes that I can apply to my own house. I definitely will recommend and have recommended them to any one who ask. Thank you all and God bless you."
Lauren McFall
Busy working mother of 2
"Major Mom was fantastic. Their team helped make a highly stressful time, like our major unpack from our move from overseas to stateside, much more tolerable. We couldn't have done it without them. They were able to accomplish in 12 hours with their team, what would have taken us 3-4 months of slow, tortuous unpacking--luckily, we still had some hours leftover, and they came back helping us fine tune and organize some of our more tricky rooms. Thanks for all your help Major Mom."
Michael and Jamie, Full-time military
Colorado Springs, CO
"Before I called Major Mom I was at the end of my rope. I NEVER thought I would ever get my home office organized. Major Mom exceeded my wildest expectations. I would recommend Major Mom to anyone who needs a little help or a lot of help like me."
Michele M., Mother of 2
Denver, CO
"There were many areas in my home where I just felt at a loss on how to organize. Major Mom focused on my laundry room, master closet and daughter's closet. By doing so, they created more space in a linen closet and my other daughter's closet. What a bonus! The organization and tips they provided will relieve so much stress in our life...we won't spend as much time searching for things. Now there is a home for everything! Couldn't have done this without your help! Thank You!"
Julie Romney, Mother of 3
Highlands Ranch, CO
"I could not have moved without Mandy's help - from the 5,000 sq ft house to the new condo. Her organizational skills are amazing! I have a back issues and she didn't let me lift a thing. My daughter-in-law recommended Mandy and I am so grateful."
Carol W., Retired
Downtown Denver, CO
"I was embarrassed about the walk-in-closet off our guest bedroom, because there was so much clutter. The guests couldn't even hang their clothes. Also, it was a depressing space because I couldn't even move around in the area. Megan transformed the closet so that it's organized, clean, and so spacious now that my husband can use part of the area--as a music room. Megan worked hard and non-stop to create a space we can enjoy and utilize."
Ann Pinney,Owner
Colorado Springs

"I was feeling so overwhelmed with our storage room, so I called Major Mom. Wendy came and helped me get rid of so many things that I had held onto for no reason. She worked with me until the job was done and gave a lot of great advice and tips for other areas in my home."
Kit McCrady, Mother of 3
Littleton, Colorado
"Last year my husband and I were transferred to Denver. I was completely overwhelmed by all the chaos everywhere in my house and literally sat in my bedroom closet and cried for two days. To save my sanity (as well as his own), my husband and his wonderful assistant found Major Mom. What a wonderful group of women! Everyday for 2 1/2 weeks they were here doing what they do best! I don't know what I would have done without them.
Ilene V.
Lone Tree, Colorado
"We'd recently moved and I knew I wasn't fully utilizing our cupboards and cabinets. I also knew that my pantry and mud room weren't doing the job they were designed to do. Major Mom came in and helped me redesign those problem areas and now they work beautifully for our whole family. Thank you Major Moms and thank you Linda!"
Katie W., Community Volunteer
Englewood, CO
"I chose to call Major Mom because I needed a "jumpstart" for our basement remodel. Boxes of Christmas decorations were mixed with piles of baby clothes and old workout equipment. I was feeling overwhelmed, and didn't know where to begin! My organizer helped me choose what to keep, discard, and recycle; her ideas for storage containers were perfect."
Dentist and mother of two
Colorado Springs, CO
"Major Mom has come to my house a few times now and has helped with a few different projects including my kitchen, basement, desk, master closet, and living area. Before Major Mom helped me get those areas super organized (especially my kitchen, closet, and desk), I would feel so stressed every time I looked at them. Now every time I go into those rooms or into my desk, I feel peace! I most definitely plan to have Major Mom come back and help me with some other projects in my home."
SM, Mother of Two
Denver, Colorado
"After probing for a sharp definition of our organization’s mission, Angela Cody-Rouget (A.K.A. Major Mom) helped us de-clutter our storage and operations areas. Then she pointed out the value of signage, checklists and instructions as a way of empowering our volunteers and freeing up our staff for other tasks. Getting organized doesn’t occur in one step, but that first step starts a process and can help establish new habits that help you get things done. We’re very grateful to “Major Mom” for her friendship and help!"
Phil Miller, Executive Director, TLC Meals on Wheels
Centennial, Colorado
"After feeling buried in paperwork, I contacted "Major Mom" Cathy to help dig me out: Cathy worked with my girls (10 & 8) to come-up with a system to organize special artwork and school work they treasure. Thanks for taking the time to purchase bins and drop off donations. Excited for the next step in the organization process."
R.H., mother of 2 & salon manager
Fountain, CO
"Wendy was awesome! She helped us rejuvenate our home. My husband enjoyed reorganizing with Wendy as much as I did. Wendy was very helpful and asked unintrusive questions about our house and things that made us think about what we wanted to keep or discard in a very comfortable way."
L.S., Doctor
Denver, Colorado
"After working for 30 years, helping to take care of grandkids and having major medical problems, my son and daughter-in-law recommended Linda to help me sort, place, and file an overwhelming amount of paperwork that had piled up over many years. Wow! She was a God send. She knew exactly what to do, where to start, and how to finish to make my office so pleasant and workable. It has made me more relaxed and organized."
Sue Miller, Retired elementary physical education school teacher
Aurora, Colorado
"I am writing today to give my thanks to Laura Garratt of Major Mom. Laura came to help me sift through mountains of papers and other misplaced items in my office while my two eldest children and husband were out of town for a week. I wanted to take advantage of the time but, also having an infant at home with me, I knew I needed to be as efficient as possible with what time I would have. I wondered if and how someone else would be able to help me sort through my personal papers, since only I could really make the call on what to keep and file, what to shred and what would need recycling. Well, sure enough, she helped IMMENSELY!!! She helped show me a system to get things out of my home office and into the correct area, she also helped me by sorting things into like piles while I made "the decision" on other items. Getting "homework" from Laura gave me the motivation to get through many items in one sitting as I knew she would be back the next day to move on to another area. Once we tackled the office, we moved on to my kitchen and mudroom. Organizing like things and creating a home for them has really helped my family stop buying what we already had at home, but just didn't know it! Like me, you may think you don't "need help" but it is wonderful to have someone else kick-start your organizational efforts, to give you another set of hands AND give you another perspective. I will continue working on other areas of my home using the processes she taught me until "there is a place for everything and everything is in its place!" THANK YOU, LAURA!!"
Castle Rock, CO

"I thank my lucky stars that D'nae with Major Mom came into our home and organized us! My husband and I always talked about ways to get on top of our household deadlines, but we never did anything. Our Major Mom organizer came into our lives and really got us moving! She organized our incoming mail, my online business tasks, and electronically organized my husbands' incoming bills. We no longer argue about what happened to the "blank" bill. D'nae also gave me time saving organization skills for my online business. FYI I have saved my best achievement for last; getting my husband to clean and organize our garage!! Again, I thank my lucky stars!!"
Linda Purdum
"I was feeling very overwhelmed with the clutter and clothes all over my home. Every time I tried to get things organized, I only got more frustrated. But when D'Nae came out the first day and gave my ideas and activities, she has made it much easier and fun to get things organized. She helped me get me son involved and excited. Now, when I walk into my house, I feel good and I am not so overwhelmed with everything. Since D'Nae has come and helped me, I think it has also helped my health improve. I am thankful that my mother had called Major Mom. D'Nae did a wonderful job. She made me feel comfortable and made this a fun experience. Thank you for everything."
Crystal, Single Mom
Aurora, Colorado
"I called because I didn't have the time I needed to thoroughly go through everything. Courtney was very professional and gave me great ideas for the whole home. She worked side by side with me, listening and providing solutions that help now and will create new habits. Also, the price is very reasonable."
Bobbie McDonald, Working mother of two
Centennial, Colorado
"I was feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed. I was nine months pregnant and moving to a new home. I was paralyzed with all that needed to be unpacked, put away and organized. After my husband and I started in for a few days, we hadn't made a dent in what needed to be done. We called Major Mom to the rescue! Within a few days, everything was unpacked, put away, organized and labeled! It would have taken months to get to this point! We are amazed! What a transformation! Thank you Major Mom!"
Scarlet Ayme, Mom of two, soon to be three
Fort Collins, Colorado

"Reveling in my oh so organize home office. Thanks Big Time for your help! Systems are working well and staying that way. Things are easy to find! My productivity and effectiveness are significantly improved. Thank you."
Bill Chismer, Business Owner, GQ Barber Lounge
Denver, Colorado
"Courtney was very flexible in addressing what we felt would work for our business. Her openness and pleasant demeanor made her a joy to work alongside."
Tracy, Business Manager, Avanti
Denver, Colorado
"I called Major Mom because our stuff was taking over our lives and I was tired of and frustrated by simply shuffling it from one room to another. Being a military family, we move about every two years, and just about the time I get through all of our boxes and feel somewhat organized, it's time to move again. I needed an organization system that will work not only in this house but in our future homes, as well. Megan addressed our concerns, provided solutions I would never have seen on my own, and helped me develop an understanding of organizing principles and practices I will take with me wherever we go. She also helped us set up our crowning jewel - a wonderful, welcoming, organized, and functional homeschool room. What a blessing to move our homeschool from the kitchen table to its own room! I am ever grateful to Major Mom and our liberator - Megan - for the tremendous transformation of our cluttered house into a home that works for us instead of against us."
Kristen L., Busy Military Wife, Mom & Homeschooling Educator
"Angela came in and quickly helped me identify 'dead weight' items in my home, and helped me to get rid of a desk that I wasn't using (it was more like a piling space!), and organize my belongings more intentionally (and therefore in a more usable way). I donated or sold: a piece of exercise equipment, 4 pieces of furniture, about 50 books, 15 old VHS tapes, and recycled half of an attic worth of empty boxes. I shredded or recycled 4 boxes of paper as well... I was amazed how quickly the process went with your systematic approach and coaching! Thank you so much for your help and perspective, my guest room is now 'guest-ready' and my home feels so much better organized."
D.R. Social worker
"There has been so much turmoil in my life recently. I desperately wanted to regain my sanity. I have worked with Major Mom before and knew that they could lovingly and quickly get to a better place in my life. Courtney, Linda and Wendy got my office functioning and looking great. I love it. Then we tackled the 3 car garage. I now can get my two cars into it (no more scraping snow off the cars) and my husband has a car bay for his tool/work space. Maybe he'll be able to finish some projects around the house now. Thank you so much. You are the best!"
Lauren McFall, 8th Grade Spanish Teach & Busy Mom of Two Teenagers
Parker, CO
"I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted everytime I looked around my house. Every room was chaos! Cheri helped me break it all down into segments that could be conquered. I was amazed at what we accomplished. My home feels like a place of rest now and my mind is clearer. Now I can't wait for unexpected visitors instead of a panic attack when I hear the doorbell! Cheri rocks!!!"
Kim Doleman
Mom + Business Manager + Owner + Thirty One Director
Highlands Ranch, CO
"I chose Major Mom because I moved into a new place and needed to go through things that I had and also set up a home office. Things I learned were about zones for certain items and seeing everything put together it all makes sense now. Cathy helped me declutter my home and my peace of mind. Now with everything in its place, my home seems like a more pleasant place and it feels like positive energy is settling in. Thank you Major Mom and Cathy for assisting me in this life changing journey. I will continue to use the tips for future organization."
Lakhia, IT Specialist
Colorado Springs
"Major Mom saved my kitchen! As a new mom of a premie my life is so busy and unfortunately my house has suffered. Cheri came in and helped me not only organize my kitchen but simplify as well. I am amazed by the transformation and excited to have her back to help with the rest of the house. Hands down the best four hours I've spent in a long time!"
April Stoll, Mom & Customer Service Rep
Lone Tree, Colorado
"This was my first add-on time after my initial package--I was really feeling the need for a boost. We were floating around here after that first push and then things started to deteriorate. I really love that Angela explained after the first phase that the Liberators are "mine" forever! Having Michelle come back today was critical in my facing the holidays with some sense of calm and optimisn. I love you guys!"
Kathryn, Caregive
Castle Rock, CO
"It was wonderful! After seeing their vendor table at church and meeting Wendy I knew she could help me create the craft room I wanted. One where I could find the items I needed to not only start a project but "finish" it. The biggest lesson I learned was if you don't use it then either donate it or throw it "out".
Dianna F.
Littleton, CO
"Victoria (aka Tori) was amazing! She came to my house, which suffered from chronic clutter and disorganization, with no judgement and taught us how to live better. By using STEPS, she got all the kids involved and excited to get clean and organized. One of my kids didn't even realize our laundry room had a tile floor. The kids used the ping pong table for the first time in a year, now that its clutter-free. Thanks so much!"
Mother of 6
Erie, CO
"We have always wanted to be organized in our home but have never been able to do it by ourselves. After we had our first child we realized how not being organized added to stress of the new addition to the family. Now that we are having our second child we finally made the call to Major Mom for help. Malissa and Linda came to our rescue and helped us transition from our old house into our new house while teaching us how to create and maintain an organized home. They also helped us setup systems and habits for reducing clutter and keeping up with our laundry. Our house is much more peaceful and relaxing which has been very important with the big journey ahead of us with our new baby. Thanks so much!"
Abigail and Danny
Highlands Ranch, CO
"Major Mom came and talked to our MOPS group and the presentation seemed like an interesting process. My husband and I have two toddlers and our home needed to be streamlined to function properly for our family of four. I just don't have time for excess. We used to walk in the house and my stuff went in the kitchen, the kid's stuff went on the dining room table and my husband's stuff went everywhere! They created appropriate drop zones for every member of the family. I now have a functional kitchen that I can actually prepare food! The changes in my husband's office are truly life changing for our family. My kids have a functional play area THEY can clean up easily. It may sound funny, but I actually like my blue bathroom and feel happy when I walk into my closet. As a busy Mom of two, walking into a room and getting a good feeling is priceless! Some of the changes to our home appear so simple on the outside, but have made huge differences to our life. We needed ideas and forward momentum to create a happy, functional home. I don't think our home is the typical home that you would believe would benefit from professional organizers...you would be wrong! Everyone can benefit from Major Mom! Thank you Malissa, Megan, Cathy and Amanda, my four Women of Mass Organization!
Shannon, Mother of Two Toddlers and Veterinarian
Woodland Park, CO

This was exactly what we needed. Our lives and home have been improved dramatically. We can't thank Wendy enough for her help of guidance and work ethic. She was such a great help. Thank you so much.
Joe Koehler
Day Trader
Golden, Colorado
"I heard about Major Mom at a MOPS meeting. What spoke to me the most was about God wanting us to have peace in our lives. I was definitely feeling the lack of peace due to clutter and disorganization in my home. Wendy was encouraging, inciteful, and creative in giving me back my living space and a peaceful mind. She also taught me ways to keep organized and ideas on how to tackle future rooms. Thanks Wendy!"
Mary L., Mother of 2(+single married mom!)
Centennial, CO
"Thank you Angela. You have gone above & beyond what I was expecting, or thought I needed! I have been more productive & calm since my office space has been cleared out and organized. My husband was VERY impressed. We even had family time in the loft area which we haven't done in the 3 years we've been in this house. It's a different energy and it's obvious to everyone. I was so inspired by our work together that I organized Jake's room, the kitchen's messy drawers & spruced up my closet. I can't stop raving about how amazing I feel because everything is lighter. It's a joy to be in my office. No doubt I'll have a more productive business in 2012 because you've made space for new active client files! Thank you for getting me up & running again. You are amazing!"
Previvor, Mom, Wife & Business Owner
Aurora, Colorado
"I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the chaos in a room I began to call "the crazy room" as it collected more and more items that needed a home. Wendy was great at sorting thru all of that junk with me, helping me categorize things, and finding a lovely & workable place for them. I feel like I will now enjoy working in my office/craft room."
Coming Out of the Chaos
Mom, Nurse
Morrison, Colorado
"Major Mom has fundamentally changed my life! Angela and her team came into my home and worked their magic. It started before they came out with "stop the incoming" after listening to Angela speak. Junk mail goes right in the dumpster and never makes it in the house! They gave me organizing tools to use as well as giving me "permission" to clean out things that I have had for years! GUILT FREE! They have brainwashed me! We repurposed five areas to use for my business. It has allowed me to increase my sales as well as grow my business by providing an organized area to work in. I can invite customers in to "shop" as well as work on their scrapbooks and photo organization projects. By giving me my own designated work place (which I LOVE) in the scrap booking area, I can be more effective in organizing my own photos. By not having to put it away up every time, I can work if I only have 15 or 20 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised with what we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time! They are an amazing group of ladies that do an amazing job! It is so nice to walk into a room now. They gave me the jumpstart that I needed. It is a work in progress but with their help I am moving forward by accomplishing at least one thing every day. We only did this in September but the cost of their services has paid for itself over and over. I could not be happier with the results both in my home as well as the changes they made in me."
Trish Woodward
Independent Consultant for Tastefully Simple and Creative Memories

"The liberators that came to my house were unbelievably thorough, organized and professional. They tackled tasks that I have put off for a year and completed them in a matter of hours. Something that would have taken me years to complete were done in three days and they taught me wonderful organizing methods to use daily."
Leslie Simms, mother of 3; social worker
Evergreen, CO
"Thanks Angela. Can't describe how grateful I am to you for getting me into shape. Today I dropped off a huge bag of cards to someone who will get them into my database. Tonight I'm buying my first smart phone. I time blocked things I've been putting off & the feeling of overwhelm that I've learned to live with has melted away. You are a rock star."
Mom, Wife & Business Owner
Aurora, Colorado
"Thank you for the gifts of beauty and simplicity. May your holiday be full of joy, love and peace. Your efforts over the last two weeks have certainly brought those gifts to our home. Please extend our thanks to your whole team."
Tracy and Eric Sondeen
Empty Nesters
Boulder, Colorado
"I was overwhelmed and am not naturally organized. I couldn't wrap my head around getting my office organized and functional. I chose Major Mom because of hearing about them at the Mompretneur group and always wanted professional help. Gae helped me organize and figure out what works best for me. I now feel in control of my office."
Real Estate Broker & Mom
Boulder, Colorado

"I called Major Mom because I knew they could get me from being overwhelmed and frustrated to taking control and getting organized. Cheri was incredibly helpful and encouraging but still kept me in the mindset of "less is better". I am now a person who knows how to decide if I keep it, donate it, or trash it!"
Linda Ater, Sales Director of Telecom
Evergreen, CO
"Reaching despair in lack of organization in my home, I made the call! To my happiness Linda called right back. We set a date and got started. WOW!! Linda is awesome and my home is organized!! It's just beautiful and the stress is gone. Thank you so much for your help. I will recommend Linda for sure!"
Barbara, Medical Office
Denver, Colorado
"At the end of every Major Mom session, I feel a little lighter! STUFF had been accumulating in my house and my life for 30 years, and it was weighing me down more and more as the years went by. I'd reached the point where there was no place left to put stuff, and all order ceased to exist. I finally sought an organizer's help, and chose Major Mom because they were so nice and friendly and ORGANIZED...the kind of people I felt I would enjoy spending time with AND would keep me on task. It has been a wonderful experience! I now know what I have in my house and where to find it. It's a HUGE relief! Cathy Thompson was delightful to work with. She had just the right amount of drill sergeant in her, mixed with compassion, a great sense of humor, and focused energy! Her service has been invaluable, and I now feel like I can move forward with my life with peace and order!"
Dorrie Stewart, Residential Real Estate Agent
Colorado Springs,CO

"My job allows me to have flexibility in setting my schedule and doing paperwork from home; however, over time this has caused me a lot of stress. Angela helped me "de-stress" my life by reorganizing my office space, separating "work stuff" from "personal stuff," and helping me with time management to live a more balanced life. She helped provide a fresh perspective in redesigning the layout of my office and inspired me to create a separate den. Without her help, I would still have a basement full of clutter, a desk with stacks of papers, and an overwhelmed feeling in my head. I am so grateful for the changes that she inspired and helped put into motion, which have made me feel healthy, balanced, and organized!"
K.S., Speech-language pathologist
Denver, Colorado
"After a family meeting with my daughters and sons, I let them know I needed help as a full-time care giver for my ill husband. One of my top needs was to organize my totally chaotic house and get a working office now that I had become our financial manager/bookkeeper. I was totally stressed. Daughter Rachel went on line looking for organizers and came up with Major Mom as our first choice--both of us called within 24 hours, and I set up our first appointment. Cheri had warned me it's going to get worse before it gets better, however, my "office" workspaces were so disorganized nothing could have been worse. I now have a very organized family office, a nice quiet peaceful place for meditation and a guest room. The quality of my life as a very stressed caregiver has improved at least 100%--I have learned new skills to help me organize my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Elizabeth E., 77 year-old grandma & care giver
Evergreen, Colorado
"Major Mom saved my life! As a mother of two, wife, and business owner, I was overwhelmed by my daily tasks and workload. My desk, calendar, task list, and office space had started to control my life. Thank you, Angela for coming in and helping to sort through the chaos. With your help, my office quickly became a productive working environment, where things were getting accomplished. Even my husband enjoyed the cleansing process with Angela. We now have systems in place that are supported by our entire family, and my husband is able to support me in our household matters. Angela also helped me to better understand time management skills and transition from my long-time love of paper planning to utilizing effective computer solutions. Angela, you are fantastic and definitely my organizer for life! We will see you in the spring to tackle our garage!
Tiffany Beffel, Wife, Mom, and Business Owner
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
"I asked Angela for the 20 minute consult with the intention of learning more about her process so that we could refer business. Although I am a fairly organized person, after 10 minutes of her questions and answers to my questions, I knew I had to hire her. She quickly understood my thought process as well as the systems I currently worked with my business. She tweaked some of the things I was doing, helped me create new systems and processes that seve me extremely well, and supported me in cutting out old habits and disjointed processes. Not only has my efficiency and effectiveness increased, my energy and therefore revenues have increased as well."
Kim, Wife, Mom and Business Owner
Aurora, Colorado

"My family and I have lived in this comfortable home for over 34 years. My wife was a talented artist who had the basement as a studio and work space. I was a business man and a volunteer at my church--books and papers had filled three rooms. We had belongings left by our 2 daughters and many items gathered from 5 generations of our families. My loving wife passed away 3 years ago--I am 77 years old, in poor health and cannot maintain the property any more. Thanks for all three of the Major Mom Liberators!"
Dick Ross, Retired Realtor-Owner
Arvada, Colorado
"Thank you so much for the recent assistance in organizing my office. I have to say that everyone at the office has noticed and commented on how the desk looks neater, more organized and has less stuff! I also have a renewed vigor for work now that I know where everything is and where it all goes. Also, I spent the past 90 minutes going through the files in the top file cabinet … and pitched almost all of it! You are such a mentor for me and I appreciate your expertise! Have a grand day! Thank you Angela."
Marcia McGilley, Executive Director, South Metro Denver SBDC
Centennial, Colorado
"I thought I was organized until I heard Major Mom speak at a "Clutter Clogs Your Cash-flow" seminar. I waved my white flag of despair and Angela came to rescue my office. My once small, over-filled office space now invites comfort and creative energies! Thanks, Major Mom!"
Connie Pshigoda
Author & Wellness Expert
Lone Tree, CO
"We re-organized pretty much our entire house thanks to the amazing help of the Major Mom Liberators. Ever since we purged the things we don't need and re-organized the things we have into much better locations and systems, our lives truly are running more smoothly. Linda did an excellent job of creating more space in our kitchen, and Cathy worked her magic upstairs. Before I would literally have clothes falling on top of me as I tried to put things away. Now, I have systems that even the children can maintain! Lastly, our basement was a sea of mystery boxes. Now, we are utilizing shelves so we can easily access the things we need. Because we now have so much more floor space, the kids have a playroom in the basement they LOVE! Because of Major Mom's insightful, creative and diligent work, we now know where everything belongs and can easily sustain our newly found organization. Thanks, Major Mom!"
Elizabeth Billup, Busy mother of 3, PR Specialist and author
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
"I was completely overwhelmed between student teaching, my first pregnancy, and my husband returning from working on the road after a year. Cathy helped me discern what was working, what wasn't working, and to take immediate action. It was incredibly motivating to have another high energy person working alongside me. Thank you so much!"
Electa Bartels, Full-time student and Future Mom
Colorado Springs, CO
"WENDY ROCKS!!! And she is so upbeat and positive! We knew we needed to declutter and get organized but we didn't know how or where to start! Wendy came in and very cheerfully and efficiently got us started and on the right track. It can be so overwhelming but she helped us stay focused and break things up into manageable projects. Our basement storage area, my office, and our home classroom look amazing and we really enjoy using our spaces now!"
Meredith T., Mom and Homeschool Teacher
"I chose Major Mom because Angela came to talk with my MOPS group. Everything she said made sense. Since I had my first child in 2005 and had moved into a new house I never felt like I was organized. Fast forward 6 years and another child and a move to a new house. I was feeling overwhelmed and "out of sorts". Cheri, Linda & Cathy have been life savers!!! They are so encouraging, nurturing, and efficient. Every cent I have spent on Major Mom services has been money well spent. Linda, Cheri, and Cathy are wonderful at their jobs. I finally don't feel lost and overwhelmed. Oh, and I also have FUN when they are here. Really love these gals!! :)"
Ana Gloria Rodriguez, Mother of 2 with a VERY busy husband
Genesee & Denver
"After putting off "spring cleaning" for two seasons I called Major Mom. The job was too big and overwhelming to start, but Mandy asked great questions and dug in. I am amazed by how much work got done. Working together is like tripling the time in efficiency and focus. I feel like I can breath easier and have hope for an organized life."
Marcia Batchelder, Association Manager
Denver, CO
"This was the most amazing transformation I could have imagined. The arrangment of art work was simply beautiful. I could not have asked for two nicer or more competent "Liberators"! Their service, attitude and artistic ability were outstanding."
Kay, Retired
Westminster, CO
"I am so pleased with the office organization that Major Mom has done for me! My office feels so much better to work in and has greatly improved my energy and flow in the office. I particularly like the arrangement of my office equipment and furniture which is so much more efficient! I would highly recommend having Major Mom come in for any business that wants to greatly improve their organizational systems and make space for the flow of receivables."
Suzanne B. Simpson
Owner, Inner-Connected Health, Business and Life Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist
Littleton, CO

"My place was a total mess! My accumulations overwhelmed me. I found Major Mom on the web and gave Angela and Mandy a call. Now my place is clutter-free and organized. Major Mom worked wtih me through the whole process. I highly recommend them for any size job.
Registered Nurse
Denver, CO
"As a business owner with a home office and mother of two small children, I was becoming buried by paperwork and perpetually challenged to maintain order. I was so fortunate to find Angela and Major Mom when I did, and I really can't say enough good things about her and her amazing company! I instantly felt like I could breathe again....she gave me the tools and systems to effectively maintain order, control the flow of paperwork and remove clutter. And even more importantly, her knowledge and experience on what works and what doesn't allowed us to quickly gain control and systemize to create growth for our business and make time for personal and family activities that we couldn't seem to get to before. Should I get behind or feel overwhelmed again, I know exactly who I'll call to whip things right back into shape for us! Thank you so much for everything Major Mom!!"
Busy Mom of Two & Business Owner
Aurora, Colorado
"I was quite happy with the work that Courtney did get done at my house. It allowed me to be a much more organized person, be able to find stuff, be able to park in my garage, and not feel overwhelmed. You were always cheerful, encouraging, had lots of energy, and ready to work."
Empty Nester in Stapleton
Denver, Colorado

"Cathy came over and helped completely reorganize my craftroom and office space. Her ideas will be helpful for future organizing tasks considering the frazzeled state of my life. She was extremely sensitive to my need to get my space back not only in my office, but various spaces in my home. Cathy was very helpful in keeping in mind my eccentric life-style and helping me to find lost items due to mess created by my daughter and granddaughter moving in. I also lost sewing space--Cathy helped make sense of organizing my spaces in order to utilize them better. I definitely would enjoy having her return and will graciously refer her to others. She was prepared, organized, on-time and utilized items I had."
Linda, Healthcare field/art designer
North Colorado Springs
"First of all- working with Major Mom has changed my life!! I can now walk into my business with more energy, more efficiency, more happiness and more control of my day. I now call it a "spiritual" experience - because anything that can bring my heart closer to the world is a spiritual experience for me. I am more authentic when I go to work now, not bogged down by the energy that clutter and inefficient use of space has on the spirit. It is truly amazing! Second of all - the whole experience was a great way to be super clear about what was to stay in my business and what I can let go of -on sooo many levels. What a great way to start the 2012! I will be using Major Mom for my home soon!"
Connie W., Spa Owner
Littleton, CO
"I am not a "paper" person and while my husband was deployed, I hadn't filed a single thing in the year he was away. I had boxes filled with papers and receipts and unopened mail. I called Cathy at Major Mom to help me get my papers in order for my taxes. Now we have a new filing system in place for personal and for business and I can breathe again!
Nicole Chacin, Stay-at-home mom, Mary Kay consultant, volunteer counselor
Colorado Springs, CO
"I called Major Mom to help me prepare for a temporary move. They helped me organize the entire house and sort the things that needed to go with me. I'm now ready for the temporary move and my house is beautifully organized to come back home to. I feel like I have peace of mind now (priceless) and the prospect of the move is actually easy now!!
S. Ridley, Army wife
Colorado Springs, CO
"We recently moved into a new home. I wanted to sort my holiday decorations and organize my storage closet so I could find things when I needed them. I now have a craftroom and closet for all my hobbies, but needed it designed for efficient use . Cathy, my organizer made zones for art, sewing, card making and jewelry design. I love having my closets organized and labeled. My room is now functional, beautiful and fun to work in!"
Donna R. Smith, Retired
Colorado Springs, CO
"Major Mom is a major life saver! Major Mom is better than therapy (and/or drugs)! And they throw in great exercise for free! (They make you sweat because they work so fast and are so thorough!) If this was a class, they would get an A+. I give them my highest recommendation."
JZ, Divorced, Empty-nester and Educator
Englewood, CO
"The Answer to my Prayers! I learned a long time ago to stop apologizing for my deficiencies. I know what I am good at - and creating systems and organization is not it. Unfortunately, my lack of organization was holding me back from the level of success that I sought. Things were falling through the cracks, follow-up with prospective clients was sporadic at best and my frustration was mounting. Angela came in and rebuilt my office from the ground up. Remarkable. I can actually breath again. Angela does so much more than simply help clients get organized, she posseses the remarkable "wireing" and business accumen to help create, systems, process and the accountability I need to build my business. To call her an organizer would be doing her an injustice. Angela is as valuable a trusted advisor as is my attorney and accountant and a crucial partner in my business!"
David Avrin
The Visibility Coach
Best-Selling Author and Marketing Speaker
"My office was a wreck. Every time I opened a client folder it exploded all over my desk. I was frustrated as I couldn't find something right in front of my face. After Major Mom came, my work just flows in an orderly fashion. It even helped lessen the stress in my marriage as my office is in my home. Thanks Major Mom, I couldn't have done it without you."
Steve Yaussey
Business Owner
Northglenn, Colorado
"I wanted to give my husband a gift he could really use, so I called Major Mom to come organize his home office. We have both enjoyed the experience and having a pro come in has helped us achieve our goal without disagreeing how to do it."
T. Smith
Mother of 4
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
"Major Mom is not a one-time organizing service. It has been a lifestyle change for me as now everything has a designated place and there are no more excuses for not being organized. The cost savings and increase in efficiency pays for the service in a month."
Business Owner
Centennial, Colorado
"I've had such a very hard time organizing my very messy home office. Keeping papers and filing from piling up, not purging the "unnecessaries", and overwhelment have been my biggest challenges. I had a personal organizer come to my home two years ago. I paid her quite a large sum to help me get on track, but I ended up right back to where I started from. I was pretty discouraged. Then, a friend of mine pulled me to go hear Angela Cody/Major Mom give a talk. I was reluctant to go, but after hearing her speak, I didn't waste any time. I made an appointment with Major Mom right away. She is so professional and amazing! She came right in, and gave me so many tools and ideas for transforming my chaos, and to continue to keep me on track. She truly has changed my life in a matter of a few hours!!! Her price is right, and she's much better then a therapist could ever be!!! In so many ways, I've never been so "decluttered" before! It's a breath of fresh air for me to now come into my office, and feel like a load has been lifted!!!! My husband, who was not keen on me calling Angela, is so impressed with the outcome!!! I highly recommend Major Mom's services to anyone!!!"
Dedicated Mom & Wife
"Major Mom came into my life and my home during a difficult time. They helped me create a living space which is clear of clutter, organized and all about ME! They are a gifted team truly blessed with a sense of "Mass Organization!" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Thriving Widow

"Though I was never a "clean freak," over a span of 15 years in which I lost my parents, the condition of my house spiraled downward. I was too embarrassed to have even close friends see inside. I did not know where to turn until I saw the show "Hoarders" and found out about professional organizers. I did some internet searches and chose Major Mom because they put everything out there, including prices. I never felt ashamed while working with Mandy. It was a lot of work, but worth it!"
Ira Kopilow
IT Specialist-Federal Government (also "disorganized perfectionist")
Denver, CO

"I will tell anyone with organizing stresses and concerns about your service. Gae and her Liberators provide a valuable service. It has helped us immensely! I can't wait to get up early in the morning to knock out another phase of our clean up. Thanks!"
Dr R. Eland
Northern Colorado
"Major Mom is AWESOME! This is my second session to organize my home and my organizer, Linda, is second to none for sure! I feel organized, energized and ready for life! Knowing where things are saves me so much time and sharing my "not needed" treasures with others is such a great feeling. I do have one more project--the Garage--and am truly looking forward to having my Liberating Linda guide me through it. Thank you for helping me change my life for the better!"
Barbara, Medical clinic receptionist
"I have been so overwhelmed with our office. Seriously could not find anything because it didn't ever go in the same place. I didn't want to sit at my desk. Wendy came over with my request to see if she could help. Boy did she ever. She organized my shelves and even my files and folders. Now it's the neatest room in the house. I'm so glad I asked for help and will recommend her to all my friends. She did a MAJOR JOB."
Sue Fischer
Self-Employed Housekeeping/Network Marketing
"I could not be happier with all of the wonderful ideas that have been implemented at SheShe's Corner, thanks to you and your awesome team at Major Mom! We feel that this has been a fresh start for us, from what seemed like an overwhelming situation!"
Founder, She She's Corner
Centennial, CO
"Laura suggested some great systems for me to get organized in my home. I continue to use the sorting method she showed me as I move from room to room, working on organizing my entire house! I will pass on your info to anyone I know that needs help cleaning and organizing their space!"
Patty,Working Single-Mom
"Our clutter & lack of storage became overwhelming. I didn't know where to begin. My husband works too hard & travels too much to be able to help get things back under control. I called Major Mom because they seemed to understand that as a mom "organizing" isn't always at the top of my priority list. It was like having a girlfriend come help you out, but without the added embarrasment & guilt, since you can pay them for their time."
Michelle P.
Fort Collins, Colorado
"I love Major Mom! I needed help setting up my house and decluttering after rehabing my first floor. Mandy and her team were great, they helped me to let go of items I no longer needed and helped me to put together a system of organizing so I could remember where the items I still had could be found. She was also able to do a large step of the organizing for me. There was never any judgement or pressure, only great ideas and well thought out processes. Very respectful. I will definitely use them again."
Stacey S., Social Worker/Mother of 2
"You guys really know what you are doing."
Former All-Pro Broncos Player
Denver, Colorado
I'm thinking of Major Mom today especially because I need to answer a ton of attorney's questions and I don't feel too overwhelmed by it because all those medical papers are now in order. What perfect timing! The man-cave is really coming along - you'd be amazed.
Again, thanks so much for helping me get back to being organized. It means so much to me!!!
Parker, Colorado
"I was a bit overwhelmed in my house of 5 people and 2 dogs. We have so much stuff! We have plenty of storage space, but it was greatly underutilized. My husband often would get frustrated because we couldn't find things. Wendy came in and really helped me to reorganize and declutter my space. Now we are nicely organized and I have a happy husband!"
D. Baker
Wife and Mother of 3
Littleton, Colorado
Thank you for getting me massively organized and staying on task with me. You're wonderful! I appreciate you very much.
Mark T.
Remax Realtor
Lone Tree, Colorado
"I was completely overwhelmed with everything hiding in my closets, cupboards and garage! Mandy helped me see how I could get the most out of every room and really helped me make over my entire house on a budget! These ladies are efficient, sensitive and really fun too! If you are busy like me and don't think you have the time or motivation, call these ladies! They can give back your house!"
Betty McCure
Business Owner, Property Manager & Full-time Masters Student
The Highlands - Denver
Thanks for ALL you have done (and will do!) for us. You have done wonders for my business. The system is working out great. You are a first class organizer and mom!
Connie Stevinson
President, Trading 4 Treasures
Aurora, Colorado
"When I first heard about Major Mom I was interested at best, but it was my partner who really wanted to work with them. From the moment Mandy and her team came to our home I could tell their services were going to be really good. And they were! The questions they asked helped us sort through our household items without feeling embarassed at the state of our household or the way we were disorganized. She got to the root of why or why not we wanted to keep various items. Going through items went quickly and efficiently?"
Social Worker, Mother of 2
Denver, Colorado
Thank you so much for the Jump Start in Leaps And Bounds! Hubby now knows I had help and is cool with it. We both enjoy the sparsity of the bedroom and he is on board to create that all over by purging. We are going to combine media centers as he gives away most of his CD collection (he has been wanting to do that because he has most in mp3 formats).
Specifically..I appreciate the kind and caring manner Mandy tackled the 1:1 client conversation over a bedfull of miscellaneous, multi-purpose, multiple category clutter. What was most useful was that she took the items to their assigned rooms rather than handing them to me. They all hold energy, and my not touching them directly helped my objectivity in the decision process.I appreciate Courtney's sharing her personal experience with multiple crafts and handling them all in a single space. I was drawn to her enthusiasm and shared passion for cool stuff and finding functional places for that cool stuff. Courtney also provided guidance and encouragement for my parallel progress in another room while the team focused on the priority floor plan. Yay! I appreciate Gae's practical eye and discovering the best way to move volumes of stuff quickly and safely. Every time I looked, she was magically clearing yet another space to acheive visual progress as well as functional progress. Thank you Again!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sue Uyetake
Colorado Working Mom & Wife
Dear Major Mom,
I wanted to thank your company and especially Sam Quigley of Major Mom. She showed up and got right to work! Before I knew it, I had a three car garage again! Before, I couldn't park one car in there! I didn't realize the organizer would be so hands on, but Sam moved things around that I could never have moved by myself. She offered advice on where to donate and told me who would be willing to come and haul away all the junk!
This has been a very freeing experience and I can't wait to have her come back to help me with all my other clutter! Thanks again.
A very satisfied customer,
Kristi Geonetta
Denver, Colorado

"I was most definitely feeling overwhelmed with my business + personal paperwork + files. Laurie came in with a vision and we attacked the piles and created an easy system that I can definitely maintain with no problem! No more stressing when it comes to bill paying! Thank you Laurie!!"
K. Hinman, Operations Manager
Aurora, Colorado
Thank you! I appreciate all of your hard work!!!!!!
Dana Hall
Castle Pines, Colorado

Dear Angela and Major Mom team!! I must say I never thought this garage could ever look like this again!! It would have taken me 10 times longer if I didn't have your help and support. You were amazing. You kept me stationed in one location and brought me one box at a time to go through. This system allowed me enough time to go through everything in easily half the time it would normally have taken. Your advice helped me decide to put about half of the things in the garage sale. My life feels so good having less to move around. Also - thanks to you I moved the things I kept into a "pod" that you organized for me. This was a stoke of genius when (at last minute ) I made the decision to move to California (where my children are ) instead of another location in Colorado. The " Pod " is in storage now and will be delivered to California once I decide where in California I will be living. I just cannot thank you enough. Your worth your money and then some. You were non-judgemental, up-beat, always smiling and positive. This was an incredibly difficult project that became a joy to do thanks to you. I cannot say enough good things. Your a gift to all in despair. Thank you very much again and again!!!!
Loi Ritcher
Downsizing Empty Nester
Parker, Colorado
"Major Mom helped to unclog the major arteries of our home. Now it feels free-flowing and more peaceful. I am extremely relieved, and so pleased we hired Major Mom. They did an excellent job! Thank you Laurie, your ideas were brillant."
Shannon Delsol, Mother of 2
Greenwood Village, Colorado
What we like most about Major Mom is their commitment to their client. We felt like they truly had our best interests at heart. And they did what they said by completing our corporate organizing project on time and on budget. Our guests have noticed a difference in the way our shop looks and our effectiveness has significantly improved because we know where everything is. Plus, they made the process easy for us.
Bill Chrismer
Owner, GQ Barber & Lounge
Denver, CO

Thank you! We will stay in touch for further help as needed. Your team did a great job. We never could have done it alone, especially because of your professionalism, systems and also because of your energy and initiative. All this is what is needed to simply get going and clean up and organize the house and office. It is incredible to find out how much gets accumulated over time. I now feel I not only have more space everywhere, but also I can breathe better. Thank you.
Alvaro Pisoni
Spirit of Places, Ltd.
Parker, CO
"It took the Major Mom crew one day to do what I couldn't have done in a month. I am more organized than ever before and better yet I am motivated to do the rest of my house."
Natalie Tysdal, FOX 31
Denver, Colorado
"Megan worked with my soon-to-graduate son, helping him sort through years of papers, clothes and junk. His room looks great now, but more importantly he's got systems in place for his schoolwork, banking, laundry, and college decisions. I know this is going to help him with his next steps into adulthood. Megan was very patient, helpful, and friendly. She was a joy to work with."
High School Senior & Mom
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Wendy, what an amazing organizing experience! My life has changed. The time you spent was so valuable. I couldn't be happier! Everything is in its place, is easy to keep up and looks fabulous! Thank you so much…will refer you to everyone!
Diane Marihew
Coldwell Banker
"Amanda did an amazing job!! She helped our family get organized in March and I am happy to say it has stayed the same since then!!! My whole reason behind getting organized is to have dinner parties and invite people over and not be ashamed, and I am happy to report we have had MANY parties since then!!! No more stashing and dashing for us, everything has its proper home and my kids (and husband ;) know where it goes!!! Thank you Major Mom!!"
Shannon C., Busy Mom
Colorado Springs, Colorado
You and your team have been an answer to prayer! Our family couldn't "see" how to re-purpose and reclaim some spaces in our home.
Mandy was gracious and kind when she came to look and our home and the dilemmas we were facing. She brought in the team and we were presented with ideas and solutions that were absolutely PERFECT for the workings of our family.
In just over a day - your team guided, prodded, directed AND worked HARD, and we transformed FIVE rooms in our home. We look forward to tackling some other areas...like the garage and the storage room now that we know how DOABLE it is - with your help!
Thank you again. Your team's passion and "calling" are evident.
Pamela Meyer
Cetennial, Colorado
"I never pictured myself hiring a professional organizer; however, after years of struggle, I was deeply convinced that I needed to call in the "troops" after listening to one of Angela's deeply inspiring podcasts. She had said something in the podcast along the lines of....you can organize all day but if you don't have well organized systems in place you will quickly find yourself right back at square one in no time. That was a cycle I had been living out for years and was completely exhausted by the process. I have always struggled with organization. It is important to me to have peaceful surroundings, but achieving that does not come naturally to me. I've read so many books on organization but to no lasting success. Each book helped me in one way or another, but after meeting with Angela of Major Mom I realized that I needed something more, I needed sustainable systems created by people who are gifted at the skill of organization.
I was very apprehensive about what to expect. I imagined the process could very well turn out to be quite unpleasant. Visions of strangers forcing me to throw everything away crossed my mind a time or two. It is funny to think about that now because that is not at all what happened. I feel so blessed to have had Megan as my organizer. She made the process so pleasant. She came to the job with such an upbeat energy that made the process fun. As things started to come together, it just kept getting more and more exciting, actually exhilarating!!! I got so much more than I ever bargained for. Angela had recommended that I check out the website to review everything that the organizers do. Being quite unorganized, I never got to it before Megan and D'Nae showed up the first day. We did a thorough interview so they could understand my goals and vision and then they hopped to starting on my basement. They had me come down to see the work and I was floored that they had rearranged my furniture. I never dreamed that would be a part of the process and it turns out that it was and is likely my favorite part of the whole process. Megan has a strong eye for design, flow, beauty and she was able to transform a room by rearranging not only pieces in that room, but there were several instances where she took things from one room to another and the result was stunning. There were several pieces of art and some furniture that I was on the fence about donating but after she swapped things around those very pieces have now become favorites. It is unbelievable.
Not only am I so blessed to have had Major Mom transform my current space into an absolute sanctuary, but they taught me a skill I will be able to use the rest of my life. After watching them in action and working alongside, I was able to take my own storage room from a near disaster to something that is actually beautiful to my eyes. I walk in there and smile now.
My husband is smiling to. He is so happy with the result and my new upkeep skills that he cannot stop smiling. It has brought a lot of joy and shifted the energy within our home for the better.
Another issue I needed to face....paper. Paper was a huge problem for me. D'Nae did a smashing good job creating systems in my office. She sorted the office into like groupings in record speed and Megan and D'Nae taught me how to quickly go through the papers and then what to do with them so they don't get out of control. I'm not scared of paper anymore, WOW!!! I felt so bogged down before, just the thought of having to look through paper clutter weighed me down tremendously. Yea!!!
I really believe this is the catalyst for a whole new life. I am finding I now have so much more time on my hands. So much more time for people instead of managing "things","stuff". What a drag that was. I am enjoying all the get togethers I have been able to plan. I continue to be shocked at all the spontaneous visits with friends and neighbors and play times with my kiddos that have happened after getting organized that I just simply did not seem to have the time for before. It has definitely cut my home maintenance down by a good 40%. I am so glad that I underwent this process now instead of later after learning what a HUGE time sucker clutter is.
I could go on and on, but I will close with how happy I was that the process was full of respect. There was no shaming, only an attitude of support. Megan was amazing at tapping into my personality and how things would best work for me. She is a quick study and TRULY GIFTED. I am speaking with a dear friend right now about flying Megan out to work with her. I know there are a ton of organizers on the East Coast but Major Mom's system is truly supportive and a pleasure to maintain and my experience with Megan is that she brings something very unique to the table and like I said is truly gifted.
Thank you Megan and Major Mom for a truly liberating and life changing experience. The tears are welling up in my eyes. I am forever grateful!!!!"
Liberated Mom of Two Young Children
Parker, CO
"I just moved to Colorado with my husband and two small boys. I began to feel overwhelmed as I tried to unpack, put a new home in order, and chase a one and two year old. I'm so glad I found Major Mom to help me! They alleviated my stress as they helped unpack and gave me ideas for organization and systems and helped implement them. They were a lifesaver! I really enjoyed working with Mandy and Jill and appreciate all they did.
Michelle, Mom of 2
Littleton, CO
"I chose to call Major Mom because my space was getting out of control and I knew I would never organize it on my own. My organizer was on time, courteous, respectful, and extremely helpful. My space looks amazing and very useful. I am glad I called Major Mom."
Darcy, Mom of 2
Parker, CO
"Major Mom saved my career, my family and my sanity. I was drowning in my disorganized office, and could not produce the work I wanted because I was so inefficient. My home has always been neat and clean on the surface, but one look in the drawers, cabinets and closets would horrify anyone. I had no sense of organization, and did not know where to begin. My kids' homework, coats, bags, sports equipment, mittens, hats and boots were shoved wherever there was room. Major Mom came in to my home, assessed each room, created a plan, and came back with a team to tackle it. The transformation is INCREDIBLE and they taught me so much. My home has been neat and clean, inside and out, ever since. The system they put in place is priceless and my family could not be more efficient or organized. I am thrilled!!"
Maura T. Ridder
Host/Producer, Mom's The Word Radio Show
Castle Pines, Colorado

"I chose to call Major Mom because I had worked wtih Mandy in the past and needed her expertise to help re-organize my kitchen. I thought I would be able to do the kitchen myself because we knew what to do, but I really needed an expert to help organize the kitchen more efficiently.
Kelly Merrick, Mother of 2; full-time paraprofessional at an elementry school
Denver, CO
"We were moving to a new home after 20 years of accumulated "stuff" in our current home. The kids were grown and gone but their "history" was not. Wendy helped me sort into throw away, donate, send with the kids and keep. She helped prepare our home to show beautifully. Thank you so much."
Ryan, Retired
Littleton, CO
"Mandy, Thanks again for all of your help with my new office. I love it and so far it is working out great and staying neat! I really appreciate your help! You actually inspired me to set up some very organized systems in other areas of the house. Thanks again!"
Katie Ricketts
Denver, CO

"Amanda was amazing. I have nothing to say but good! 10 out of 10."
J.P., Business Owner/Political Analyst
Monument, Colorado
"I was feeling overwhelmed, under pressure and completely helpless about cluttered space, projects that had been abandoned, pets taking up "my area", and everything had become so unmanageable. I felt paralyzed and tackling the "to dos" and tasks was something I'd been just avoiding. It felt like my home, which should be my comfort zone, my retreat, was swallowing me and I actually started to avoid being home. I chose Major Mom because the concept is just amazing! It's very difficult to invite a stranger into your home, and I was embarassed and nervous about what to expect, etc. But right from the first phone call, Mandy was comforting, kind, and excited! That got me in a different frame of mind regarding my "mess." When I met Mandy, she was not at all bothered, or put off when assessing my home. Each time Mandy comes it's like having your best friend over. I always am left feeling a literal weight off my shoulders! It's much easier to continue to clean and organize. She gives "homework" so I'm not just "stuck" in between her visits, and I'm just overall in a much more calm, peaceful, happy and lighter mood. An organized home truly creates harmony!"
Janette, Mother and student
Denver, CO
"I've always had a messy desk. Major Mom doesn't just clean up - I was surprised at how much more thorough the process was than I had expected. My organizer helped me organize 5 years worth of paperwork in just a couple of days. Organizing my office actually helped me organize my business life."
Anthony Sanchez, Owner, Marketing Visioneer
Parker, Colorado
"I own an eco-friendly children's boutique, Naturally Loved, in Stapleton. Major Mom came in to do a presentation at the same time I had 189 boxes to unpack and put somewhere in the store. Courtney helped me come up with a space plan that fit all my inventory in my store and organized it all so that it is easy to find."
Alyson Warren, Business Owner
"I chose to call Major Mom because I have four children (ages 3, 4, 5 & 10) and I felt I was always digging out from toys, clothes, and school stuff. We lead busy, fast-paced lives and we had no structure for our living space. Cathy helped me find freedom from our stuff, zone our home, and remember that memories do not live in things! This was the best investment I have made in a very long time. Thanks Cathy and Major Mom!
M. Hull, Professor
Colorado Springs
"Angela and her Major Mom team are PHENOMENAL! They made the drudgery of organizing a true pleasure. They had unbelievable organization, a bright positive attitude, and the energy of 10 people. Truly - it was better than a weekend at a spa! It feels so great to be organized - a big weight off my shoulders (as I'm about to have another baby)! I cannot recommend them highly enough, and will use them again FOR SURE!"
Telluride, Colorado
"I was overwhelmed moving into my new home and trying to figure out how my new closet would fit my clothes. Mandy came over and we worked together organizing everything--she even helped me weed out items that I no longer used or needed. She was wonderful and would recommend her to anyone (and her company!)"
Gerri Morahan, Elementary School Teacher
Greenwood Village, CO
"They say there's no magical action that will make you happy; not running away, getting married, getting divorced, having a child, winning the lottery, or changing jobs. Do it, and you'll just have a new set of problems. The only way to solve problems is to work them out and that is when I went searching to get organized and found this wonderful company called Major Mom. I am a divorced woman who returned from Arizona to my home town in Colorado to care for my elderly mother. My mother passed away (age 98)! and I was left to clear out her home. Because of emptying out her home, so many items had to be placed in my new apartment. I had boxes in my dining room that reached to the ceiling. I have a full time job, exhausted from caregiving and moving. I would return to my apartment after work and feel so depressed seeing unemptied boxes in the dining room, living room, bedroom, and garage. I was tired of eating off plastic plates and utensils since I could not find my dishes or silverware, but I had no time and I was exhausted. I thought of calling the moving company who moved me to see if they could send someone to help me. I had no idea how to find someone to help. I got on my computer and Googled "how do I get organized in Denver" and found Major Mom and wonderful Wendy Ahrens who organized me and changed my life. Wendy is a vivacious, warm, and caring person who helped me move on with my life and helped me become conscious of what works for me now that I live in a smaller place and what doesn't work for me anymore. All decisions are totally mine and I totally love all that she did. Now I have time to honor all of my struggles and rejoice in my successes and begin a new life. It feels great and the company Major Mom helped me begin!
I could not believe all that Wendy Ahrens along with her helper Ange Archuleta accomplished in such a short period of time. Wendy's organizing is a masterpiece! I have not changed a thing nor did I have to worry about anything. Wendy, who supervised everything, had incredible ideas and she and Ange worked so hard and so fast. I am so lucky to have found them."
J Mosier, Administrative Assistant/Investment Firm
Greenwood Village, CO
"I have always thought of myself as an organized person. When I heard about Major Moms at my school and applied the process to organizing my office and it worked. I realized I could use help at home.
Every summer I plan to "clean-up" our storage area. I realized that I never did it because I did not have a plan, know were to start, and felt overwhelmed. Consequently it did not get done.
I decided to hire Major Moms to help. After meeting with our consultant, Mandy, I realized we could make a difference in our house. Mandy took pictures of our storage area so she could make a plan.
On the day of our "organizing," Mandy worked for seven hours at my house. We organized the entire storage area, our pantry, and our garage. There is no way I could have done this without her. Mandy told me what to get ahead of time and I was prepared to work. She had wonderful ideas and was very thoughtful in her approach. Mandy saw things that I did not see and helped me think through what to get rid of and what to keep. She actually helped me sort and organize my Christmas decorations! Mandy took all the discards with her. Once we were done organizing, Mandy labeled all the storage bins and shelves so I will know where things should be stored. I could not have done this without her advice and counsel.
I recommend Major Moms to anyone who wants an organized home. It works!"
Karen Tarbell, Principal, Cimarron Middle School
Larkspur, Colorado
"I am writing this email from a dorm room at Mount Holyoke College where I am attending an artist retreat/songwriting workshop. It is my fervent belief that I would not be here right now if I had not made the fateful call to Major Moms a few months ago that ended up changing my life.
I was sitting in my "office" area, surrounded by piles of papers and junk mail that day, and it suddenly dawned on me that I would NEVER be good at creating a system for myself that effectively organized my paper clutter. I had tried multiple times, only to re-create files and systems that further confused me and made losing important documents even easier. I was frustrated and felt helpless in the face of my lack of organization. My pile of papers was literally in the way of my piano, my creative outlet. It was then that I found Major Moms online, and met Mandy Pinkston.
When Mandy came for my free consultation, she listened with great attentiveness and concern to me as I described my organizational issues. She walked around my entire house and asked me tons of questions. I thought I just needed help filing my papers, but Mandy saw beyond my critical paper problem into the deeper need for me to have a creative space clean and clear of all business paraphernalia. A space that allowed me to create in freedom, unhampered by pressing left-brained matters, and that is exactly what her plan of action detailed out for me. In 3 separate sessions, Mandy and I went to work rearranging my entire basement to accommodate a creative space and a separate office space. Mandy worked doggedly, especially on that last day, to complete all of our filing, moving, sorting, purging, and rearranging. She even found the right desk configuration for me at IKEA and gave me a shopping list! When we were finished, I had gotten so much more than I thought I needed!
However, the real test of our labors came when I sat down in my office a few days later and worked away. I felt so empowered because I knew where everything needed to go, and I knew what to do with every piece of paper that I touched! Because of my work with Mandy and Major Moms, I have been able to spend time writing music in my creative space, and I no longer feel like there is a mountain of clutter between me and my craft. I no longer procrastinate the filing and sorting of the family paperwork, and I feel completely different about the way I handle the business side of my life. Thank you, Mandy and Major Moms! You have changed my life!"
China Kent
Dear Major Mom,
We are so grateful to have met you. Thank you for all that you are doing for us and teaching us, but most of all thank you for giving us our sanity back (whether we realized it was missing or not). Thank you!
Denver, Colorado
"I chose to call Major Mom because I knew I wanted to be organized, but lacked the skills to do it. It's so frustrating to know something needs to change and have no idea where to start. Megan not only helped get my kids' rooms and playroom organized, but taught me these organizing skills to last a lifetime. It was definitely life changing and money well spent."
Amy Bujarski, Mother of 3 and Tutor
SE Aurora

"Angela of Major Mom helped us go from chaos (and lost papers) to calm with our Command and Communication Center. Her outsider's perspective helped me get "unstuck" and look at our spaces and communication methods in a whole new way. Getting the entire family's buy-in was essential and was a brilliant idea that has made all the difference in keeping our system functioning."
Courtney M., Mother of Four
Denver, Colorado
"Transitions can be very hard. I didn’t realize how overwhelming the process of downsizing my life from being a suburban mom to a career and travel focused professional moving downtown would be. I could not have done it without the support of my liberator, Megan. Throughout the process, Megan asked good questions, kept me focused on my goals, was reassuring, and made some really great suggestions! I realized in the process that I was holding on to some stuff that was representative of past relationships in my life that are not useful to me in the future. I am so happy about making the transition and looking forward to the exciting changes ahead."
Tammy Fernandez, Executive Director, Major Corporation
Denver, CO
"The process was professional, yet tailored to my style, and FUN! The results are amazingly tangible. My living and work areas are finally the joyful place I want them to be. Major Mom saved my sanity, eliminated the emotional burdens of clutter and taught me the practical guidelines to best organize my environment for life."
Barry Price, BPriceless, LLC
"As a busy business owner working from a home-based office and as a mom of 4, people always tell me how organized I am. However, I do not feel organized. After all people were not looking in my closets, storage room or at how my business functioned from a process standpoint.
Major mom came to my house and identified my most critical areas which were my closet, my office, my book shelves and my storage rooms. Then we set aside about 6 hours and worked together to sort and organize part of my stuff. At the end of the day, my donate pile was much larger than I anticipated and deciding to part with my stuff was easy with Major Mom's help and support.
After our first organizing day, I am organized, clean and it has been so nice to find what I need in a moment's notice. I will hire Major Mom for more projects and highly recommend her to others. What I have noticed most is how the vacuum principle has worked in my life in a matter of days. Getting rid of stuff has opened the possibility for new things to come in. In a matter of days, I was gifted things that I could have only imagined and I was offered and secured a brand new business deal worth $7K.
Call Major Mom now and the payoff will be huge!"
Michele Reynolds,Founder of Access365.com
"Major Mom has made me very happy. My clothes closet had been bothering me for many years and I really was not sure what to do about it. Major Mom came in, did a thorough evaluation of my needs, created a plan and we implemented it that day! My organizer helped me reconfigure the closet and move furniture out to my shed. She gave me advice about decorating and future projects. My home is more peaceful and has a 'woman's touch.' She took away all my donations so I would not have to deal with them. Having her help has been priceless. Their fees are so reasonable--Major Mom charged me a few hundred versus a few thousand!"
Richard Pendelton
"Angela is a valued mediator and planner assisting our family in building a co-operative/collaborative model. She has the ability to tap into the individual heartbeat of our family and each one of our individual members to identify the apparent weaknesses and draw out each of our strengths. What is resulting is the ability to build a strong, cohesive, synergistic base within our family unit to enabling us to reconstruct, live more fuller lives and positively impact the world around us."
Canada (Virtual Organizing Client)
I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even embarrassed because of the way my house looked. I am a single mom with a teenage daughter, a crazy-hectic schedule between the two of us, and difficult-to-use, 820 square feet of townhouse that just didn't feel big enough. I chose to call Major Mom because I was done. Years ago, I could stay up all night in a cleaning frenzy and get things looking quite nice. But now that just isn't the case. I would think about a list, and even write one, to try to get myself cleaning. However, it just wasn't working anymore. I had all the intentions, but as soon as I would look in a room or at a counter I lost all my willpower. It took a lot of humility for me to admit that I needed professional help, but I'm so thankful that I finally did. I know now more than ever that God gives each person a different gift on purpose. My gift is teaching. Mandy's gift is organizing. Mandy didn't help me clean, she helped me organize in a way that cleaning isn't so scary and overwhelming anymore. In our initial walk through, she was very good to assess the way that ADD makes it difficult for my daughter and I to organize and keep going. Throughout the process, Mandy was able to see when I was getting overwhelmed and panicky before I even realized it myself. Additionally, as a single mother, I am on a tight budget. Mandy was awesome in finding ways to help me organize that were low-cost, including a steal-of-a-deal she helped me find on Craig's List. If I had it do again, the only thing I would change is that I would have called Major Mom for help earlier. Words just cannot express how thankful I am for the help, and also the patience that Mandy provided me. God blessed you with a wonderful gift.
Arvada, Colorado

"Angela helped me organize my office/writing room. In doing so, she made a space for my art and craft supplies. I'd never seen them all in one place and had never acknowledged that part of my creativity. By creating space for the tools, Angela helped create a space for my creativity, for me to claim the artist in me. I have since been drawing and creating collages and adding to my very well-organized tools. Angela is efficient, demanding (in a good way), intuitive and a true pleasure to work with."
Carol McAnally, Owner, Rhythm of Life and author of e-rhythms: Weekly Tips for Conscious Living.
Denver Metro
"I chose to work with Major Mom because I just felt like I couldn't get control of the closets in my house. They were cluttered with toys, clothes, nick-nacks and keepsakes and I just couldn't figure out what to do with them. Cathy Thompson really helped me to put things in the right places and establish better flow.
Darcy Lambrecht, stay-at-home mom
Colorado Spring
"From the first introductory meeting to the thorough follow-up after the organizing time, Major Mom was professional and easy to work with. The plan that Major Mom created after our first meeting fit me like a glove. I am very visual and have an infinity for sports and competition. Angela and her crew transformed my office environment to be fun and visually stimulating. I even have a system for my paper flow that utilizes baseball. This system has made an unbelievable difference for me and my work! I would have never imagined this was possible. Major Mom organizers know all the tricks, and I now know there is a lot to being an expert in the organizing industry. I highly recommend Major Mom for any home situation, a home-based office or even the small business office environment. They will customize the plan and execution around your needs as a client. They bring order and remove chaos or clutter. Give them a call for a meeting if you are reading this. You won't be sorry. The pay-back afterwards will speak for itself, and you will wish you had called sooner. Good luck to Major Mom as they go national with this incredible process!"
David Gardner, ADD air Sales & Marketing Agency
Greenwood Village, Colorado
"As a new small business owner, I needed to find a space and place in my home to create an office. Angelia Archuletta was a HUGE support in creating my office space. She listened intently to my needs and goals. We created an office in a guest bedroom adjacent to my workout studio. She helped me clean out the room and closet, reorganize it and create the right "feel". I really enjoyed working with Angelia. Not only does she have great organizational ideas, she is also a great "work" partner. She is very focused and detail-oriented. I am thrilled with the result AND amazed at all we were able to accomplish in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Major Mom services and I feel very grateful for Angelia's professionalism, creativity, hard word and dedication for my home office goal. Mission Accomplished!"
Gretchen Kadillak, Owner, A Powerful You! Wellness Consulting
Aurora, Colorado
"You ministered to us, today, Angela. You are extraordinary. You are the best. I swear I smile every time I think of you. I will get on my homework! Thank you!"
"The Liberators worked really well with me, they always asked for my input and that was helpful. They kept me involved with what they were doing. It was helpful knowing what was going on. They did an awesome job and were a tremendous help! In my kitchen, having their knowledge of where this should go and that should go was great. I love the system they set up for my kitchen. It was a tremendously awesome experience. Both ladies were great and very good and professional. They have very good work ethics. They know their work and their stuff. I was very comfortable with them."
Cindy Archuleta, mother of special needs children

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did at rearranging and reorganizing our little part of the world! It is so peaceful to have less stuff in our lives! It truly was like a weight lifting off of us as we sold all the extra items at our garage sale following the organizational process! By the way we made back most of the money we invested in the organizing in the first place!! What an incredible blessing to have our neat organized home, peace of mind and most of our investment returned to us!
Tim feels energized by the way his home work office turned out. He felt totally overwhelmed by the mountains of paper! The amount that was left after you were done was remarkable! It was significantly reduced and organized into very precise areas. Also the way you divided the office between the personal and the business was genius! Now we can find all our personal info when we need to. The idea you had to permanently move one of his two desks out of the office made the area feel twice as big and with the paper work greatly reduced he doesn't miss the other desk at all! Tim is now enjoying the nice open clutter free environment and feeling more in control when he's working from home.
Emma's bedroom and playroom were a huge project with all the little things that 8 year old girls tend to accumulate! That was a lot of work but I was very surprised at how willingly she got rid of many things! I am blown away with how neatly she is keeping her bedroom and play room now! When she has friends over to play she is the one who is making sure that they put everything back in it's designated place! Wow! She obviously is a lot tidier than I originally thought! Isn't that good news?!
In the beginning you asked me what my main goal was in organizing my home. I answered that I wanted to be able to know exactly where every little thing was. Well, guess what? I do now! Do you know how good that feels? After years of digging for things when I couldn't remember where they had been stored, it feels fantastic to have control over my home again and know exactly where every little thing is!
I believe that this whole process has unlocked something deep within me. I recently accepted a new work position after being at home with my daughter for many years. Getting my house under control seems to have given me the confidence to believe I can conquer other difficult areas in my life. I never would have expected that bonus just from organizing my home!
So thank you for all the hard work you did to make my home a neat, clean and clutter free zone where me and my family now find great peace and rest!"
Nancy Cassity
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
"I was feeling very overwhelmed and unmotivated because I was so unorganized. My office/craft/guest room had become what I called the "Junk-collector" room. I felt inundated with papers and my "to be shredded" pile. I couldn't get into my spare closet without things falling on me. I had no idea where to start and I felt it taking over my life. I even forgot to pay my taxes! I am very organized at work, but parts of my home are the opposite. Because I didn't know where to start, I just did nothing. I chose to call Dayna Rae at Major Mom because I am in the process of buying a house and I didn't want to move all the junk again. I had a garage full of stuff I had moved 2 or 3 times and not even ever opened the boxes! I wanted to be ready and organized before my next move, plus now my current house feels like a home again! I love that now I can work in my office without feeling like I should be shredding or sorting something instead. I can sit at my desk and actually see it, and not be embarrassed for my friends to stay over in the room. I love how Dayna Rae put everything in containers with labels- even the little things! And she was able to use some vintage boxes that had meaning to me that previously gone unused. It was a great way to recycle and re-purpose them in a fashionable way! And yesterday, it was so easy to find a gift and card for a birthday presentin my "gift" area, without one thing falling on my head in the closet! It felt good giving so much away to people who need it more than I do, and I've even made some cash from selling things that have been on my to-do list forever! Working with Dayna Rae has inspired me to clean out other areas of my home and life as well! I am sleeping better and getting things done for the first time in quite awhile! Thanks Major Mom!"
Tiffany Yelverton
Long Beach, CA

"I called Major Mom to help me organize several areas of my home that were very cluttered and unorganized. Cathy did a wonderful job of showing me how to sort and organize my belongings and she also rearranged my furniture in a sightly and easy-to-access manner. I am very glad that I called Major Mom--I could not have gotten organized without Cathy's help!"
Melissa, Busy Working Single Mother
"Our family has found the help that we received from Major Mom invaluable! We previously went through a very thorough decluttering in our home however, because our habits and ideas of what would work to keep our home in order didn't support the decluttering, our home quickly returned to what it was. With a lack of order in our home we have found it difficult to be effective in other areas of our life so we have continued to stuggle to find a solution. I was wonderfully surprised with Major Mom's approach. Using a set of questions, she first found out where my family was at, what we liked in our home, didn't like, who was doing alot of the work, and what kind of patterns were the driving factors in our home. She has been thorough and very kind in guiding us step by step to reorganizing first how we accomplish the daily work, in a way that also teaches respect, and then how to deal with the clutter. It has been very encouraging and because of the initial time she spent with our family everybody is happy to be on board with the reconstruction that is taking place here."
Canada (Virtual Organizing Client)
"Major Mom marched in my bedroom and assisted moving a large armoire a few feet and removed a large antique radio out of the bedroom into a guest room. She reorganized my grandkids' playroom and our guest room closet. The results are incredible! Both rooms instantly were transformed into lovely rooms. Angela is a professional, quick thinking, and knows how to make the most of time, energy, and space."
Cindy Gerwatowski
"I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my newly organized home! Your skills and expertise have created a tranquil environment for our entire family. It is amazing how much peace-of-mind I get from the organization as well as the systems you have helped us put into place. My daughters have a place for all of their things when they walk in the door thanks to your suggestions. No longer does the kitchen island become the dumping ground for all of their homework, jackets, backpacks, etc. They can easily find their homework assignments and they now have a designated place for doing their work.
It is amazing how much it helps to have a place for everything. Now I don't feel so overwhelmed when I get home from the store, I have a specific location for things. I find that I am a lot more likely to put things away now that I have a specific place to for it.
Not only did you help me clean out my closets, pantry, etc., but you also provided me with the systems I need to keep it up. Your advice and wisdom has enabled our family to live a much more peaceful, organized lifestyle. Not only did you help me achieve all of this, but I had a great time doing it!"
Connie Wall
Westminster, Colorado
"I couldn't have done it without you Angela. I am so amazed at how much you help me get done in our quarterly tune up sessions!"
Merit Gest, Onboarding Specialist, Merit-Based Development
Aurora, Colorado
"Mandy was really helpful. She taught us new skills and techniques that benefit us personally and for our different businesses. Mandy was able to navigate tricky situations with grace and poise. We truly appreciate her help and would recommend her to anyone!
Erik and Rachel Denning
Realtor, Mary Kay Consultant, Parents
Englewood, CO
"I called Major Mom because I saw the article about the company in the Denver Post. I was feeling completely overwhelmed by the collection of stuff building up in our house. Ange helped me tremendously. We tackled my biggest projects together and thanks to her, in 10 hours, our home looks so much better! Thank you Ange!"
K.B., Mother of 2
Lone Tree, CO
"I have never met anyone more passionate about their job than Wendy. Ever! Organizing my kitchen was fun, easy, and FAST. Now in the aftermath, I am finding my habits have totally changed. In the past, I would put things in piles to "deal with later". Now I know exactly where to put things; no more messy piles. With everything organized, I have more space, more motivation, and more energy. And tasks take less time and effort!"
Sue Kardon, Business Owner/CPR Trainer
Denver, CO
"My organizers did in two days what I hadn't managed to accomplish in three years! They created peace out of chaos. They found things I never knew I had and things I had re-purchased because I couldn't find the originals. Thank you Cathy & Linda!"
Andrea, Self-Employed, Mother of 3
Colorado Springs, CO
Professional Organizers Denver Colorado
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